Getting constant alerts for a bush that's outside the Detection Zone that I set

I have a Wyze Cam v2, firmware and running iOS v2.17.21

The camera is facing out a front window, and there’s a bush in the bottom left corner. I set this bush so it is outside of the Detection Zone, but I’m still getting constant alerts about it.

In the picture above, I’ve put a red circle around the bush that’s outside of the Detection Zone.

Is this a known issue?

I am not clicking your link, there is a way to attach links here so the video us embedded.

Anyways, is there a shadow being picked up or a reflection?

It’s a still image:

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So, I guess Wyze doesn’t actually look at these forums?

Correct, only rarely. They typically but not always leave it up to the forum “community” to help each other. You will see occasional posts from employees such as WyzeGwendolyn and WyzeFrederik. If you want to contact support you can do so separately.

Well, I’m moving to Eufy, later Wyze!