Gets triggered on by light changes

Anyone else’s unit get triggered on by light changes ?

My units set to only turn on when motions been detected by the pir sensor and low sensitivity , yet gets triggered on by my porch lights

So annoying


Man, would I love to see an answer to this too.


Hi @Rulwiz , could you please submit a log for me on this one. We will do some test here. Thanks!

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@Rulwiz so the log 745754 is only showing 10/11 that day’s log. Do you happen to notice this exact same issue today? Could you please submit a new log and let me know the exact time that issue happened? Within 24 hours will be perfect.

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And what time that issue happened?

It happened again .

I included a video in the log I submitted as well so you could see in better detail. I couldn’t include a video when I was using IOS . On Android I was able to add a video which is very nice

Here’s the log number : 750416


I have another log I just submitted . Was reviewing my events from last night and I saw another event that triggered oh my floodlights . This time it was cars headlights

Log # 750440

Do you have the detailed time this issue happened?

The date and times are included In the logs I submitted and also videos showing the event with the date and time

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Thank you. I will report that to the team.

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Can you also please report to the team how much we would like to see some additions to the floodlight?!?

For me having a bottom sensor would be nice, this would be for fixtures like mine where we have them on a wall and walking under neath them does nothing . A bottom pir sensor would be able to detect what’s below it

Ability to change each pir sensor range individuallly

Ability to change the color temperature of the LED’S

I have the same problem…my ring cameras don’t do this.

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The team is still try to check what is causing this. Meanwhile could you please change PIR sensitivity and see if it will still trigger? If it still do that please provide me another log. Thank you so much!

The pir sensitivity is set to low and has been for some time now . Changing the sensitivity to high will definitely cause the floodlights to get triggered on by a light change .

But sure I’ll change it today and do some testing . I’ll submit a lot once I see it

Thank you!


Still experiencing this issue . Floodlight got triggered on by my porch light . I have a wyze bulb installed on my front porch .

I have a rule set up to turn my bulb to 100% when my front porch cam detects a person , after 30 minutes it’ll go to 15% . When the light goes to 100% and 15% the light change triggers on my floodlight even when the floodlights set to only turn on when motions detected by the pir sensor.

I hope I and other users can get some answers as to why the floodlight gets triggered on by camera detection even when the floodlights set to ONLY turn on when motions detected by the pir sensor…

I have submitted a log . ID # 776477

I included the date and time and included the floodlight settings. Unfortunately no video as I’m on iPhone , and still cannot upload videos with my logs that I submit

I hope to hear from you @WyzeDesmond .

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I too have this same issue. My floodlight is triggered on when a car headlight illuminates a portion of my backyard wall. Turns on the floodlight several times each night. I would be grateful for a solution

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I have the same issue. Is there a solution?

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