Get sensor notifications from specific sensors only when no one is home

If you need to suppress notifications from specific sensors when someone is home,
check out

It allows you to set up 1 or more conditions to be checked before a sensor notification will actually
be sent.
For example, if a sensor state changes, and no one is home OR it is between 11pm and 6am
then send the notification, otherwise not.
It also lets you have the same condition (someone comes home, last person leaves) trigger more than 1 action. For example, when the last person leaves my house, motion detection is armed on my front porch Wyze camera AND sensor notifications are sent rather than suppressed.

It’s a little cumbersome to set up with a few IFTTT applets and webhooks required, plus setting up variables and logicblocks in Apilio, but once you have all the pieces in place it is quite flexible and quite easy to debug given the Apilio web dashboard interface.

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I forgot to mention that you can also add a condition that checks the sensor name before deciding what to do.
For example, I have sensors on the side door to my garage, the sliding doors on my back porch, and my mailbox. In the above example, I want to suppress notifications from all sensors when someone is home EXCEPT for the mailbox sensor, so if the notification is for the sensor named “Mailbox” it goes through while notifications from the other sensors will be suppressed.