Gestures not allowed to be used in Wyze app

Hi guys

So I’m an avid iPhone user , been using the phones for the last 10 years and I love them . Well I think the road ends here… I am using the Wyze app daily .

I have the cameras and the thermostat that I check daily along with other devices i plan to add

Well as someone who views groups and opens thermostat page a lot during the day . I find one feature missing in the app experience

Going back to the previous screen by swiping right…

I can use this on some apps on iPhone but not all

I hate having to tap all the way on the top left corner to go back and back and back . Soooo annoying , especially with these big iPhone screens that make you stretch that finger

Well I’m trying to add a gesture but it doesn’t work in the app

So basically I’m just wondering if this gesture can be used for the wyze app on iPhone ? I have the iPhone 11

Can anyone give me some insight into this , if they were able to add this or if it’s even allowed…

This little feature might make it break it for me tbh…

Looking at android , you’re allowed to use gestures but on the IOS wyze app it doesn’t allow you to

Any help please and thank you !!

Yes, this feature is needed. Vote on this wishlist item.


Already voted beans

Was just posting to see if anyone was able to add this gesture or something or find a work around but it looks like we’re at a dead end

Maybe @carverofchoice can give a little insight as he may know more

Carver , do you know why we can’t do this on the IOS version ? Is it an app issue with the code or IOS? I know you’re mainly on android but I think you could be of help with this answer as us iOS users would love to have this feature on iPhone

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Guessing it’s just due to the fact that the app kinda sucks. Wyze has said it was only designed for the original cam not all these other products. They are working on a redesign, but don’t expect it soon. Currently it’s just a bunch of stuff hacked together, so that’s why it can be buggy and features like this aren’t implemented


That’s what I’m thinking too

Same explanation as to why dark mode hasn’t been added… bummer

I love iPhone but this one little feature is killing me . Makes me want to jump ship and go to Android that’s how badly I need this feature

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It’s my understanding on iOS that the Apple makes each app developer build it into their app.
This is one of the things that most drives me crazy on iOS now since I started using Android 12. The left and right swipe from the sides to go back is almost a necessity for me now. I go insane with it not working when I use iOS now.

Personally I think Apple needs to make this a universal “Back” gesture.

Until then, Wyze should definitely build this in to the app on iOS because it is the most frustrating thing to me about the Wyze app on iOS. So many places I try to go back, and there isn’t even a back arrow/button, so my only option to go back is to close the app and reopen it, and that’s just insane. I don’t know how you iOS Wyze users deal with that, it makes me crazy.

So yeah, I TOTALLY hear you on the back gesture being critical…I use it CONSTANTLY on Android for EVERYTHING, and I go insane that it doesn’t work on so many apps on iOS and sometimes just the OS itself. I was telling R.Good and spamoni4 that this missing feature alone basically guarantees that I’ll never switch to iOS…it really annoys me while I’m fidgeting around in iOS and can’t easily go back in lots of apps.

I wonder if there is an app you can buy that would universally add that functionality. They’d make a killing on purchases from former Android users and lots of long-time iOS users who get used to it in other apps on iOS too.


Hmmm maybe you could try and write out to wyze to let them know we would like to have this gesture…

I remember you mentioning how you’re using an old iPhone 6 for testing . I don’t know why yours doesn’t have the back arrow button , that’s odd . Well anything below like 10 is old in the apple iPhone series… so old phones don’t have newer features compared to the newer phones

I have an IPhone 11, but I’ve read that the newer phones 12 and up have the go back gesture enabled on their , would have to do some more research to confirm but if you know apple then buying $1,000 phones every year isn’t cheap . So I’m stuck with my 11 for the time being as much as I would love to switch over… I think I have to talk to my carrier and see if I qualify for a upgrade which I would love

Worst part is that you just can’t add it to the iPhone

And yes I have seen that you can download an app on android for gestures , no app whatsoever on iOS. As much as i love IPhone sometimes we’re limited://///

It does in most places…but there are some screens where this wasn’t an option. I can’t remember exactly, but I think like a firmware update or something that isn’t common. I just remember there were a couple of places where I couldn’t hit a back arrow or an X, so I was basically stuck. It’s not frequent, but enough to drive me crazy.

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I’m a die hard android user, and I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Can someone explain what you mean? I just tried a few things on my android of what I am understanding this thread is about and it does not do what I am understanding you guys are talking about.

BTW, I also have a work forced on me #$%^& iPhone that I absolutely despise, so I don’t care if whatever you are talking about works on iOS :slight_smile:


In settings, Try switching your System navigation settings to Gesture navigation for a few days instead of 3-button navigation. Seriously, it’s heavenly once you get used to it! I can never go back to 3-button navigation ever again… …ever.

Go to settings → System → Gestures → System Navigation → Gesture Navigation. (Also check the gear icon with it to consider those preferences)

Memorize those small differences of how to use them. Try it for a few days. Thank me later. Did I say heavenly? It’s basically an understatement…

Re: iOS… If they aren’t going to adopt these gestures, they should at least have a dedicated back button or something. At least Android has the 3 button navigation alternative that includes a dedicated back button even if you don’t want gestures.


Well yeah. Android rules because it and every browser has had a back button forever. I don’t know how Apple users even cope. When I use my iPhone the hunting for a back arrow depending on what each particular app decides to display drives me mad.