Geofencing Not Working

Just got a new Wyze Switch and it is working perfectly. I can turn the switch on/off via my Wyze Watch 47, Alexa, Google assistant, etc. However, I tried using geofencing and that isn’t working. I set up a rule that says when I “Enter” my home address location (or 1,320 feet anyway) to “Turn On” the switch, but only during the hours of “10 minutes before sunset” until “Sunrise”. The Wyze Switch controls my ourside house lights so the intent is to have the lights turn on at night when we come home. This seems like a fairly simple rule, so would be interested in any guidance as to where I am going wrong.

When did you create the rule? Wyze is having problems with AWS as of 9am PST.

Created the rule yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon. Came home at about 9:00 PM last night expecting the lights to come on but they didn’t.

Just checking…you have location services enabled for the Wyze app on your phone? Do you see any activity in the rules history showing an attempt to execute the rules?

I double checked and the Wyze app does indeed have location permission. It was set to “only while using the app” but I don’t think that was problematic because when we were about 5 miles from home I gave my wife my phone, had her access the app, and watch the Wyze Switch device so that she could see when it turned to “On” (which it obviously didn’t). But I hadn’t actually thought about this and it would have been problematic in the future so I have now set it to “Allow all the time”. So, thanks for mentioning that and saving me a future headache.

The rules history show my other rules based events for that evening (turning lamps on 30 minutes before sunset, etc), but there is nothing there for the Switch. Looks like it didn’t even attempt to perform the rule.

Just tried a test that I think should have activated the rule. The rule is set to only activate during the hours between 10 minutes before sunset and sunrise. Since it is now about a half hour after sunset I rebooted my phone, which, I think, should have made the rule execute? Made it think that it had just entered my geo location? The switch did NOT turn on. Or maybe I’m off base in thinking that this should have exectuted the rule?

Oh. Wait. As you mentioned, Wyze rules are not working right now due to the AWS situation. None of my lights have turned on so my test wouldn’t have worked anyway. Duh…

Good news! Tonight it worked perfectly. Since I didn’t change anything in the rule I have to assume that it was related to the AWS problem.

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Update: Geo Location seems to be a bit hit and miss. Worked fine 3 or 4 times. The next time it didn’t turn on the switch until I was actually inside the house (Wyze server delay?). The time after that it didn’t turn on at all. Then the next time it worked just fine. So, out of 7 or 8 instances it has worked perfectly 3 or 4 times, worked only after I was inside the house one time, and failed completely 2 or 3 times (rough numbers - I haven’t been keeping an exact record).