Garage Pan v2

Can this camera be used in an unheated garage?


Thank you

The official tech specs show as follows;



I know folks have had success with their cameras outside those limits though. Just an fyi in case your garage approaches those limits. :slight_smile:

Thank you.
It’s very likely the low limits will be exceeded.

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My Driveway Cam was originally a V2 in a Plastic Case and it survived temperature extremes beyond the specifications given.

I upgraded the same location to a V3, this is what that location sees in the winter

The camera will self heat some and being in a garage it will probably be fine.

I still have the V2’s that were outside in the elements (with housing) and they still work, I just upgraded to V3 for the better night vision.

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I am not saying the cameras won’t still work when pushed beyond the tech specs (many examples out there like @bryonhu s photo that they still work), just saying them so that users are informed before making those decisions that it’s a continue at your own risk situation. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I hope that being out of the elements will allow it to survive.

Much appreciated