Garage door reporting wrong status

Hi community,

Looking to see if there is a fix for the following issue I am having.

Currently I am using the garage door with cam setup. Everything was working as expected for the first month after setup (Nov 2022). In the past week, I have noticed that the garage door is sending a notification that the door is open after 5 minutes when the door is physically closed.

Software version:

It seems like the events are out of sync:

Reports motion, garage is actually opening
Reports closed, motion is actually being detected
Reports open, garage is closed
Reports garage open for more than 5 mins, garage light is turned off

I have rebooted the camera from the app multiple times over the past few days.
I have unplugged and plugged back in the power after waiting about 10 mins.
Nothing sees to change the state back to where it should be.

Any other ideas to get this system back in sync?

Thanks for any advice.

Welcome to the Wyze Forums @railrick!

Sorry to hear of this.
Couple of quick thoughts.
Have you tried recalibrating the garage door?
Ensuring the lens is clear of debris?

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Finally found the calibration setting under the accessories, once I recalibrated it, it was functioning as normal again. Thanks for the suggestion!