Garage door openere and TEXT notification

Does the app have the ability TODAY to send a TEXT message to my device?
This question must be answered with certainty by a top support representative.
I’d like to purchase this device, but not if it cannot send me a TEXT message whenever the
garage door opens and closes.

Welcome to the community! These forums are actually not an extension of Wyze Support, and the support team does not have a presence here. The forums are primarily a user to user discussion forum. There are some Wyze employees who read and manage the forums and make replies too, and ensure compliance with the community guidelines, etc., but they are not technically part of the “Support team” in that sense. If a reply by a Wyze Support Team representative is absolutely needed, you can contact them by phone, through Chat, or Email.

While I don’t work for or represent Wyze in any official capacity, I am one of their more knowledgeable users and I can answer with reasonable certainty that with few exceptions: NO, Wyze currently does not directly send notifications of an event through a text message or email or anything other than an app “Push Notification” (exceptions are made for the HMS subscription or “Cam Protect” subscription which will have a Noonlight representative send text messages or do phone calls about home monitoring/security events, but certainly NOT for whenever the garage door opener which is connected to a V3 cam, opens or closes).

Having said that, there are 3rd party solutions that will allow you to get a text message whenever your Wyze Garage Door Opener Opens or closes. You could work this out using IFTTT, and also using customization apps like MacroDroid (I actually have MacroDroid do this for me for certain important notifications…when I get an important notification, I make MacroDroid send a text message to myself with a custom message AND read it out-loud too). There are helpful people in here who can help give ideas about how to do these kinds of things as they helped me as well.

But the Wyze App itself, and only the Wyze app by itself DEFINITELY does not support sending notifications by SMS/Text message at this time, especially for the GDC opening and closing the garage door.

I hope that answers your question, and again, I acknowledge you really wanted a Wyze support team member to confirm this…I’m mostly answering since it has been over 7 hrs without a response, and I wanted you to know that you aren’t being ignored and explain why Support was not answering (they aren’t in the forum). So I have listed the ways they may be contacted directly since Wyze support does not actually frequent the Community forums here to answer here. They remain available by phone, Chat, and Email and they will be available there to answer it for you as well. :+1: Best of luck in figuring out what is best for you.

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