Garage Door Opener

I completely agree with that statement, and I point that out whenever I can.

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I got notified today that Wyze Customer Service is taking care of this “Warranty Claim”. I am pleased . . . thank you Wyze.JasonJ !


I apologize for the delay it took in taking care of it, thank you for coming back and letting me know it has been handled.


Got my replacement wire in 6 days or 4 business days.
Whole system works great. It even knows if the door is up or down now. Apparently the QR CODE sticker actually works. :grin:


I am glad you were taken care of and thank you for coming back to let me know. I do apologize it took so long and thank you for your patience.

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This is not how it should work.

As a test, I opened my garage door 6" manually using the garage wall button. Then I set a rule to close it a minute later. It closed.

I then opened the garage door and attempted to close it to within 6". So coming from the opposite direction. Unfortunately, my garage door doesn’t stop when I press the button when it is closing. It defaults to a safety mode that reverses the door. So on my garage door opener, I can only stop the door as it is going up.

However, the way the controller is supposed to work is if the garage door opens, then it doesn’t see the QR code. So it tries again, thus shutting the garage door. This is what should have happened when your garage door opened. It shouldn’t have stayed open all night; it should have closed during the retry.

So let’s consider a possibility. Maybe your QR code needs to be recalibrated. You say your QR code doesn’t tell whether the door is open or closed. If it was 6" up and got a close door command, then it should close. BUT – if it can’t read the QR code, it will try again, thus opening the door. At that point if it still can’t see the QR code it would send a push notification saying the door close failed.

The AI is constantly in circuit monitoring the QR code. If you disconnected your garage door from the GDO track and opened it manually it would report door open. Same for the rule – if it sees the QR code it will not execute the close door command.

I am convinced that the Wyze Garage Control system does not work correctly. After owning it for 7 days now, and calibrating it numerous times (2 doors) I can say with certainty that this system, the way it is designed with a QR-Code sticker . . . . does not work.

Despite working correctly (I have a rule to shut the door at 11pm, and it worked fine for a few nights), last night it stayed open from 6pm to 6am. I was livid. I checked the logs and video, and NOTHING happened during that time despite the rule to close the door at 11pm.

BEFORE I puchased this system, I used door sensors on both my garage doors. They worked very well at notifying me if the doors were open or left open. WHY DIDN’T YOU INCORPORATE THIS IN THE GARAGE DOOR CONTROLLER SYSTEM ? I suspect it would be 10X better than the QR code sticker.

Can I return both my Wyze Garage Door Controller systems ? If not, can you send me 2 door sensors to replace the QR Code ? (I removed the door sensors I had on these doors thinking the new system would actually work . . .and damaged them in the process).

IMO - a mercury door sensor would be the best solution.

  • John in Atlanta (JCat) -
    Update 5/26/2022
    I have long abandoned the notion of leaving the door open 6" for the cat. For the past 6 nights, It has been either opened completely or closed completely.

        I have tried the re calibration as well as relocating the QR code.
            **NO LUCK**
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I have not had any issues with the Garage Control system.
However, after reading your troubles I tested what you mention and found the following (not sure if it helps you or not.

  • The QR sticker is what tells the garage that the door is closed. Therefore, if you only open the garage 6 inches, if the QR sticker is still visible to the camera, the system will assume the door is closed, therefore when it triggers your rule to open/close, it will logically run an OPEN command since the QR told it it was closed.

  • If you want to open the garage 6 inches for your cat and have it close automatically after I got it to work at my home using any of the following 2 options…

  1. Create 2 rules, one to run at 10:59 and another to run at 11:00. The 10:59 would see the QR code and open the door. The 11:00 rule would then proceed to close the door.

  2. With the Wyze app open in the garage, go into “accessories” and recalibrate… however, here is the catch… when calibrating, it shows the box where the QR code should be visible. You have to place the QR sticker at the very top of this box so that when you open the garage the 6 inches or so, the QR sticker is outside of this box. That way, when your garage is open a bit for your cat, the QR code is not within the reading range and will assume the door is open and therefore would proceed to closing. In my testing, I had to put the QR sticker at the very top of the box and open the garage door a full 12 inches for this to work as you intend.

The problem I think is that you are trying to use the garage door in a way that is not common for the basic consumer. Only opening the door 6 inches is not common and therefore requires uncommon solutions. In my testing I got it working as you want but had to open the garage door about 12 inches (enough for the QR sticker to get outside of the reading range.

Hope this helps as it does solve your situation. However, if it seems like too much work (I got it working in under 10 minutes), you may want to proceed getting a refund.

This can be triggered using the IFTTT app or if using an iPhone, you can use shortcuts > personal automation and select location as the trigger.

My new garage system is working great.

However, I am having 2 issues…

It seems that the wyze app rules do not have an option to create rules with the garage door opening or closing as the trigger. I see the close door command as an action, but it does not have the Garage door open or closed as a Trigger to create rules based on that.

I then proceeded to use IFTTT and that also limited as it does not have a trigger for “garage door open” or “garage door closed”.

This limitation does not allow the garage door system to integrate with other wyze smart products.

Example… Here is what I want to do.

  • Create a rule (on wyze app or IFTTT) that is triggered when garage door opens and the action is that a Wyze light switch turns on. This automatically turns on all my garage lights when the garage door opens.
  • Now we proceed to auto turn off those garage lights (wyze switch) 20 minutes after.
  • Using IFTTT, create a trigger than when garage door opens, it runs a webhook that delays for 20 minutes. After those 20 minutes are up, it runs the action to turn off wyze switch lights off.

With this basic setup, it allows my garage lights to turn on when garage door is open and they will auto turn off 20 minutes later, regardless if garage door is still open or closed. However, this is currently not possible since there is no trigger for garage door opened or closed in order to create something like this. What are the possibilities for Wyze to create these triggers in the wyze rules and in IFTTT order to achieve this?

I tried creating this by using movement detection on the garage camera as the trigger and that managed to get the lights on. However, it FAILS to run the auto turn off the lights after 20 minutes because apparently, the lights turning on/off trigger the movement detection. So when the IFTTT applet runs the turn off command and the lights turn off, the first wyze rule to turn on when movement is detected is triggered and goes into an endless loop where the lights turn off for a second before they turn on again. In short, since the garage door open or garage door closed are not available as triggers, the auto turn on/off wyze switch is impossible without errors or loops. I have not found a solution to this other than the wyze team creating these as triggers, not just as actions.

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Who thought a QR code with camera was a good design? I’ve been using Nexx and MyQ with absolutely no issues. Scheduling, Alexa, voice updates on door status (“Your garage door is still open”. “Closing”, “Your garage door is closing”). This is typical reinventing the wheel.

I use a Wyze entry sensor v2 on my garage door with a hinge, and with gravity, let it hang

**I just requested a Satisfaction guarantied RETURN REQUEST for a full refund. **
I think I’ll try the MyQ system.

I was going to go that route with my Entry Sensor V2, but opted to attach it to the rail like this:

and it works quite well.

I wish the GDC would give me the option to utilize that sensor in addition to and/or instead of the QRCode


You keep saying “why didn’t you”, but I am just a fellow user like yourself. :slight_smile:

Is your camera up by your GDO?

Hi @JCAT, You’ve probably already considered something like this, but…

There are several options, but basically it’s programmable to open only for your cat.

Ditch the Garage Door being open for all neighborhood cats and dogs, or mice and rats that might wander into the garage… go with:

(I’m a fan of cats being indoor only pets for many reasons)

Before I was a fan of indoor cats only, many years ago, I used to leave my bedroom window open to allow my cat free access to and from the outdoors.

This resulted in coming home one day, and as I entered the front door into the dining room area… there was about an inch or so of feathery down floating above the floor. I never did find the bird, so Buddy my cat must of consumed his kill…

Another time… I’m sitting on the couch with a friend in the living room… and out of nowhere, two cats made there way from the open window, under our legs as we sat on the couch on their way to Buddy’s Food and Water bowls in the kitchen…

The window was shut permanently at that point.


That’s all funny - or unfortunate for the bird. My neighborhood has coyotes with two proven cat kills so I panic if my cat even looks at an open door. But that cat door may be perfect for my sister. Thanks!

What is GDC?

Garage Door Controller