Garage door controller with Liftmaster LA-412S

I’m interested in using the garage door controller with a powered gate: Liftmaster 412-S. This shows as compatible in the supported models page.

  1. This board is different from garage door openers, where do the wires connect? (I’m guessing ‘control inputs’)
  2. Can the opener be powered from the same solar panel as the board? Or would a wyze solar panel work?

Wow, I didn’t know they showed compatibility with powered gates. Wonder if that was intentional. So lots of questions.

The QR Code they give you is meant to be indoors. It is not waterproof. So first, where would you place it on a gate, and how would you make it last?

The second question is on a garage door opener, the Wyze controller connects to the terminals where the wired garage wall door opener switch connects. It parallels that switch. So if you don’t have a wired wall switch or those terminals, compatibility is very suspect. Those would also be the terminals you would short to make sure you are compatible.

The V3 camera is waterproof, but the power adapter and GDC are not. If you were to run the V3 from power, you would need to buy an outdoor-rated power adapter for it, and still protect the 110v side from the elements. There is also a question as to where you would mount the V3, as normally it is mounted the garage door opener where the terminals are that the controller needs to connect to. And the controller would need to be sheltered.

You asked if it can be powered from a solar panel. Not clear if you are asking about the V3/GDC combo or the gate too, but in either case it can’t be powered by the Wyze solar panel. That solar panel only connects to the Wyze Outdoor Camera, and is only intended for use on battery-powered cameras. And the Wyze Outdoor Camera is not compatible with the new garage door controller.

As far as powering the gate, also no. It is a 2.5W panel, and you would probably need a minimum of 20W to power the gate, which then also needs it’s own UPS.

They do sell that gate controller with all the required elements – a proper solar panel, batteries, controller, and MyQ Internet interface. Why not buy that? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the insights. I already have this gate installed using solar to power it. The QR code could be laminated and hung on the gate. Regarding the suspect compatibility, that’s precisely why I wanted to check with this community.

I was wondering about powering from the Wyze Solar Panel, which based on your explanation doesn’t seem to be an option. I have room in the control panel box to protect the terminals and the camera itself could be sheltered in my installation. So the powering the opener is a challenge.

I had this gate controller installed in the pre-MyQ days. I’ve been in touch with Liftmaster and to add MyQ to the system would require an upgrade to the controller itself (from the 412-S to the 412UL).

Hmm that’s interesting, I doubt that was intentional to include a powered gate on there, as many customers who didn’t ask like you would be confused when their opening dies in the rain… @WyzeHongfei can you confirm if this is in fact an error? Thanks

Hi KyGuy2002, the Wyze Garage Door Controller is for indoor use only. The controller itself is not waterproof at all. We don’t recommend you to use the controller in the outdoor environment.


Thanks… But what about solar power and user with the 412-S controller? I have this setup in an indoor location with outdoor solar panels. It’s the 412-S really supported?

Bump… @WyzeHongfei Can this really be used with a 412-S controller?

Bump… still awaiting an answer from Jun 1st…

Reading about the LA412UL, it says it uses (Residential Solar Gate Opener | LiftMaster Canada) Security+ 2.0. Do you know if the 412-S does the same? If so, you can likely do it the same way people are controlling openers with the yellow learn button.