Garage door controller trips breaker

The garage door controller was working fine until some hot weather arrived. We were out of town and came back to a garage with no power – the breaker had been tripped. I reset it, and the next morning it was tripped again. I unplugged the one thing other than the controller and reset the breaker, and later it was tripped again, which suggested the controller was at fault. The breaker stayed on after unplugging the controller, so I swapped the AC adapter with another one I had. It has been good for a day now, so my conclusion is that somehow the Wyze AC adapter was drawing a large current that tripped the breaker. Note that the outlet is GFCI, which did not get tripped. It seems to be related to the high temperatures (over 100 outside, and garage gets pretty warm). The Wyze AC adapter doesn’t seem to be fried, though, since it would work for at least a little while after turning the breaker back on.