Gaps with Complete Motion Capture

Hey all - using the Complete Motion Capture with my new Syze Cam, fw

An example
I get two captures
Camera facing street in front of house…
Cap1 - Delivery driver pulls up and parks, camera starts recording 15:13:01. I get the van entering frame and parking in front of house. recording stopped at 15:13:18. Driver still in the van, presumably getting the package.
Cap2 - I get a capture of the van pulling away, 15:14:50 the van starts leaving and 15:14:53 the van leaves the frame.

I never actually capture the delivery driver. The package was delivered.

I have seen this behavior in multiple occasions with brown vans, smile vans, whatever.

Any suggestions?

do a power reset on the cam. in the past it has happened that a setting sometimes wont implement unless the camera is restarted ( similar to updates with computers) that’s the first thing that pops to mind and the simplest.

but I would also make sure the CMC is turned on for the correct camera. you can actually switch it between cameras at will so make sure that it didn’t accidentally get switched

Do you see these on the Events tab - the 12 second snippets? (and a snippet is missing showing the driver?)

Or, did you navigate to the camera’s View Playback mode and watch from 15.13.01 through 15.14.53 in its entirety (and see a gap where the driver should have been captured)?

Cmc applied to camera, it has been power cycled.

They are separate events and not 12 seconds in length. They vary.

I’m guessing it could be camera sensitivity? I have upped it some to see if it helosy. It like the van driver is in the van and the cam things the activity is complete, and stops recording. It’s not sensitive enough to pickup the person walking from the van and back again but starts recording when the van moves. That’s what it feels like it’s doing. Yes? No?

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that sounds reasonable enough to me. I thought, and I stress that this is pure speculation that the sensitivity is only to trigger the camera, not continuously record. once triggered the camera would be basically at the max sensitivity. I’m not entirely sure though. just what would make logical sense to me. @Loki might you have any insight on that?

Yes, I do. CMC criteria follow the sensitivity setting:

BTW, CMC also honors the detection zone:


thank you, you are a gentleman and a scholar. I didn’t think about cmc ending when something stepped out of the detection zone. I completely overthought that.

@brian7 are you using the detection zone?

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No detection zones, sensitivity at 90 for now. I upped it this morning from 75 or so.