Gaps in Playback recording

Gaps appear in playback at critical times. Latest firmware loaded

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Which version wyzecam do you have? I experienced gaps in continuous playback as well in the wyzecam v1. Unfortunately, no one responded to my thread so I probably have to send in ticket.

Here is another thread about it

This is my thread of the similar issue I encountered.

It is a version 2

I have similar gaps on my timeline but not in the actual video. I have V2’s and a Pan.

I’ve noticed a similar but different behavior. My timeline will show nothing present (white space, and “No video at the selected time”) even though something was recorded at that date/time. If I manually slide the timeline along and position the ‘cursor’ at the EXACT time of a known recording, the green bar will magically appear and the video will start playing.

This bug is 100% repeatable. I’ve removed the SDcard from my V2, mounted it on my Mac, and closely examined the contents of the /record folder. I found 100’s of recorded videos present, both continuous and event-triggered, but hardly any of them appear on the timeline. This is true regardless of the zoom level of the timeline. The app won’t find/play them unless I manually move timeline to the right time.

However, I’ve not noticed gaps in the middle of recordings, as described above.

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I have noticed the same thing, but have not researched it in the depth you have. I will have gaps ( white blocks in timeline) but sometimes actually be able to see video there. Never thought about the precise positioning tip. I’ll try that.

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FYI - you have to be absolutely precise when you scrub the timeline to the desired time. If there’s a 1-minute video clip on the SDcard at, say, 11:04 - 11:05, you have to place the cursor right between 11:04 and 11:05. It helps to zoom in on the timeline, of course.

Another FYI - I’ve found the skip-forward and skip-back controls on Playback are pretty much useless. They also don’t locate many of the recordings that are on my SDcard. Skipping will find some, but it mostly just ignores them. A skip-back usually (but not always) jumps back to a recording made on Jan 19th, skipping right over hundreds of files made since then. But it’s fairly reliable skipping back to recordings made within the last day or so.

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using the arrow keys to skip to the next recorded event only really works in “record events only” settings. when I tried using continuous recording it would move to a new day or the previous day.

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