Gaps in continuous recording each time I view playback?

It seems as though each time I view playback on a v2 cam that is continuously recording, it creates a 1 to 2 minute gap in the recording at the time I’m viewing the playback. Is this normal? I’m aware of SDcard issues and bad sectors. This is not that. It creates the gap at the time I’m viewing the recording.

I thought at first it’s because the recording is still cached, but if I check back later the gap is still there.

I’ve tried the chat support, but it seems like I’m talking to a bot. Or they just don’t understand my question because they keep coming back to formatting the SDcard to clear out bad sectors. This isn’t bad sectors and as I told them (before they suggested it), I already tried that. Bad sectors would not magically appear each time I view playback.

And just to clarify, since support struggled with this so much: The gap is created at the point in the timeline where I am viewing the playback. The cam starts recording again a few minutes after I have started to view playback.

Can anyone else confirm if this is happening with a v2 cam running the latest firmware?

Trying to understand what you are observing.

Sounds like you are saying: My V2 is continuously recording to a SD card. I have discovered that when ever I click to View Playback, the camera stops live recording for about a minute.

I just checked View Playback. It defaults to about 1 minute back. This means the current Live segment being created is protected. I then waited several minutes, now I can view the time period that was previously protected. There is no gap. What exists is a protected area of about 1 minute between Live Stream and Playback.

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Correct, except no matter how long I wait, that protected time period never shows up in the playback. I’ve waited 3 days. If I go back, there’s a gap, and now there’s a new gap that was just created because I’m viewing playback again. Is there a way to reload the firmware, even though it’s up to date?

Yep! Visit the linked page for instructions. Just download which ever firmware for the v2 you want off the firmware page and flash it.

You haven’t mentioned what brand, type, size and speed specs that the sd card that your using is. My thought that it may not be fast enough to be read from and wrote on at the same time. Can you post the card specs? Have you tried other cards in the same camera or the problem card in other cameras to see if the problem persists in the card or in the camera?

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