Furnace won’t shut off

Installed my new thermostat today followed the directions and wiring to a T. Programed the thermostat to keep my house at 68 degrees. Now my furnace won’t shut off and it’s 76 degrees in my house and climbing. I live in Cincinnati OH and it’s currently 40 degrees outside. Anyone else having this issue?emphasized text

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You can’t always trust the wire colors. I think you might need to pull out a multitester or at least try shorting different wires to see their effect on your system. Sounds like you’ve got two wires always connected at the Wyze for some reason.

It’s almost 12 am and my buddy and I are still messing with this. Going to have to call them tomorrow.

Did you ever figure this out? I was having the same problem the heat and the fan would run continuously. I couldn’t figure it out and just gave up.