Full SDCard causing the camera to pan/tilt and click every couple minutes

I have the WzyaCam Pan, purchased about a month ago. After a couple days, I bought the 32GB SD Card so I can record events. I inserted the card and formatted it and set it to record all motion events.

This worked perfect for about 2 weeks. Suddenly, the camera started going crazy. It would pan all the way to the left, tilt all the way up, and click multiple times. It would then pan all the way to the right, tilt all the way down, and click multiple times again. Thereafter, it would return to the center. This process repeated itself about every two minutes I believe.

I tried everything I could think of. I played with all the motion settings turning on and off motion tracking, panning, etc. Nothing worked. I then noticed that it had not recorded anything since this phenomenon started making me think it was something wrong with the firmware itself, not just the hardware.

I tried a factory reset next. The camera came back online and I reconnected everything. All seemed fine for about 5 minutes and I had to leave the house. At this point, I did not check to see if event recording was working again.

About an hour later, I showed back up, and the same problems were occurring. At this point, I decided to try looking into the SD Card. I noticed that the card only had about 50MB of space remaining. I didn’t care about the footage on there since I wanted it to overwrite the oldest clips anyway, so I tried formatting the card again. Immediately upon doing that, all problems went away and everything worked like normal.

So, my guess is, once the card was full, the problems started. Another guess is the camera is having a problem deleting the earliest footage. The intermittent craziness that’s occurring is likely when the camera is trying to write to the card, but since it’s already full and isn’t deleting old files properly, it goes crazy. This is all backed up by the fact that I’m almost 100% sure this phenomenon was only happening when it sensed movement as I would have heard the thing going nuts all night which I never experienced, and can definitely hear from the room I sleep in.

Has anyone else experienced these exact symptoms? I’ve seen other similar posts, but no one ever had this solution to resolve the issue. I’ve tried emailing Wyze support, but they don’t seem to respond as it’s been 5 days now.

Sorry to hear about this! For your comment about our support, we’re definitely further behind on tickets than we would like to be and we apologize.

Hopefully this issue won’t happen again but we’ve seen it a few times. If this reoccurs, would you be willing to send us the camera and your microSD card and we’d send you replacements?

If this occurs again, I would be willing to return the camera for a replacement. I would never return an SDCard that has had video written to it - I would rather destroy the card if it’s defective than send it back.
Is this something you believe is corrected with new hardware?