Full screen orientation not working? iOS 16+/iPhone12

My iPhone is an SE 2020 and the iPad is a 4th gen. iPad Pro also given to me in 2020.

I think I am a bit more modern than you :wink:
iPhone 11
iPad 5th Gen

My wife has an iPhone 14 Pro with ios 16.2 without any issues on the wyze application.
I’m on an iPhone 12 Pro with 16.2 and the issue exists. I tries reinstalling the app but it didn’t help.

Wyze broke the app again. I don’t get it, it’s like going one step forward two backwards. The new iOS version 2.38.3(3) has a another bug. In landscape mode when viewing a group the bottom camera is cutoff. You have to scroll to view it. See screen capture below:

When you click on a camera it brings the view fine, see below:

When you click on the back arrow it takes you to a single camera view in portrait mode instead back to the group view (see below)

Wyze needs to hire a graphic designer to help them with GUI design. Programers are not designers. All major players in the industry realized that decades ago.

I have been having an issue solely on my iPad and viewing just the pan cam v3 camera and it crops out to the point where I can only read the date and the time stamp part is cut out. It works fine on my iPhone. But the iPad not at all. I use the iPad I. The living room at a distance and the only way sometimes I can tell it’s current is by seeing the time tick up. But now with this new pan cam v3 I can’t see it, however the other older cameras in my list still show up fine. This is the only place I could see where people were possibly talking about the same issue, maybe?

here I added an image of viewing the pancam v3 in full screen mode currently