FTP Option?

Agreed. Seems so obvious. It has been requested by tons of people, but I’ve never seen Wyze acknowledge. Also a decent simple reliable video streaming capability without some goofy hack job to try and get RTSP working without compromising factory features / support.

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I’m glad I asked this question many years ago, thanks for supporting this option. Sadly I fear it will never come. That would defeat selling subscriptions services. Sadly this is the way. Adobe, Microsft 360,…the list goes on. Anything for a dollar. I use these cameras to monitor the house whener we go out of town. I will have altrnative solutions this summer for the outside (local dvr system).

Please keep up the heat, maybe this option or a solution by a memeber may come.


Agreed. Need FTP

I agree with all. FTP is really needed

Another vote for FTP.

If any employee of Wyze is listening at all…, Don’t you think it would be cool to be able to have one of your current camera images on one of your web pages? How would you do that?

Yes, we really want this function Wyze, support FTP protocol please.

This is a MUST function for my Wyze V3s

I’m using Reolink, and those camera has this FTP feature. I wonder why Wyze does not have it.

What’s the ftp for? To extract SD card recordings?

If you need that capability badly, there’s a hack that installs scripts that redirect SD card I/O to an NFS drive.

Nah, I know about that hack, but it’s not stable

I agree, we need this FTP

FTP=File Transfer Protocol. It’s to upload an image to a web server so your web page can show a current photo from your camera.

I’m familiar with ftp. I asked what specific reason he wants ftp for a camera use case, which I think is to download SD recordings for post-processing.

That’s why I suggested the hack.

I’m using V3, I tried but the hack is not stable on my V3

Like I said, current pic on a web page that anyone can view.

I edited my reply, re-read it and see why I asked.

Like I said I’m familiar with what ftp does. I’ve used it for years.

@ Temahim, I know, someone else already corrected me.

Would like to be able to use Wyzecam outdoor for my personal weather station to upload a still photo (in the direction of oncoming weather) approximately once every few minutes (?time lapse?). The personal weather station site servers require FTP for this functionality. I believe you would get a lot of interest from the growing hobbyist meteorology people.

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YES PLEASE! I can’t understand why such a basic feature is omitted from a web-connected camera. I just want to have a recent photo on a web page! Obviously the cams can upload to the web… why not let those of us who have web pages include an image? It’s not like it would take business away from camplus or whatever. The hardware is capable, why keep us from having this?