Frustrating experience

Frustrating trying to buy this rv car. Site bogs down hopelessly. 500 per hour is useless. No real shot. Not sure why they decided on such a low number anyway. What’s the sense of even trying. Might as well wait and hope they one day decide to release it full scale with a 50% markup. Frustrating


Worst experience ever. This is the most dumb way to promote any product. Just another way to piss of its own customer base.

I have the car in my cart for 5 hours but i cant make a purchase. Gives me errors after errors.

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I’m really curious if there will be some legal action due to this. Me and a few of my friends have tried all day, every hour!

We either get the page spinning when we click add to cart into the page kicks us out.
A couple of times we got to the cart then went to pay to get kicked out
And then when it “should” have worked you get a maintenance page.

When contacting support they say they will get back to you in a day… Ugh after the sale…