From perfect functioning to zip, nada

For months the Wyze app connected me to my four cameras at two homes. I’m now in Europe on a cruise and the app instead takes me to a login screen. It rejects my p/w. The link for getting a new p/w fails to respond. I sometimes get a message saying it appears my Internet connection has been lost or expired. But I can still connect to my four D-Link cams and to my eero network devices. (There’s WiFi, but weak, on ship) So from 100% reliable connection to Wyze cams, to none. Any idea why that’s happening or how I can again connect to my Wyze cams in two different states?
IPhone XS, IOS 12.3.1

This might be a port limiting issue with the ship. I know for sure my wyze app doesnt respond at my work over their wifi because of port limiting. They limit it to only port 80 to work for internet traffic only so that hackers cant get into the work network. So this is possibly the issue. But it could be an entirely different issue altogether. The other cams might just use port 80 for things. But youre going to have to wait until you can at least connect back to a decent wifi signal to see if the ships wifi was the issue.


that’s what I was going to go with to. public wifi is a blessing and a pita

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MThanks. I didn’t realize there might be narrow specific limitations like that. They’d just worked so well…

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Did you figure out what was causing the issue?

Well, I’m back from the (Viking Danube cruise) ship where i was having the problem, and now i’m able to see and control my Wyze cams, so must have been something specific to the Viking wi-fi setup, as you suggested. Thanks.

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No problem. Im glad they are back to normal.