Friendly faces with home monitoring

I was going to purchase a CamPlus Pro subscription so I could get the friendly faces. But I was informed I could not since I have the home monitoring service. Please give those of us that have the full home monitoring service a way to get friendly faces with this subscription since we can’t get cam plus pro.

[Mod Note]: Effective 17NOV2022, Cam Plus Pro has been rebranded as Cam Protect.

We got some great news 16 days ago. See this post from the Wyze Team. Friendly Faces is coming to CamPlus. When? Don’t know.

But, since you get 1 free CamPlus license with the HMS, you should have it on that cam once they roll it out and any others you have on CamPlus.


Cam protect features in Home monitoring

I want to have the cam protect feature of “friendly faces” as part of Home Monitoring features.

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