Fresh Switch Install- No Green Light

Hey all sorry if this is a repost, I looked for a bit, but didn’t see anything on here about this. I called tech support, but unfortunately they are following the same troubleshooting guide online.

I switch out plugs and outlets all the time and didn’t think this would be a big project. I’m not an electrician, but I dabble in the basics. Pulled off the old toggle switch and only line, neutral, and ground connected. Swap in wyze switch and flip breaker. No green status light on the switch, but bulbs in fixture are blinking. My question is, does the switch require a load line to function properly? There is not anything downstream from this switch.

Here are some pics of wiring for giggles.

Welcome to the forum @bjevans600.

I am no electrician as well but an old DIYer. (Only been hit by 110 a few times :wink: )
It would appear as if you are missing the Neutral.
With the Hot and Load being Black and White.

Which the Neutral is required for this model of the Wyze Smart Switch.