Free Shipping?

Hey, Wyze…how about free shipping? Shipping is almost $12 vs the $5 discount for one month service.


Not sure why this was split off…I’m referring to the Monitoring service and the cost to ship the starter kit.

It looks like another Mod split this off as the other thread was about Wyze Sense v2 and you were asking about free shipping.

On the topic of free shipping I do not see them doing that when their margins are already so slim.


Wasn’t discussing free shipping in general but specifically related to an email I received about the v2 sensors and a 30 trial period. Split of this on its own makes no sense.

I didn’t split it, I am more guessing why it was done.

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I merged your post yesterday to a new topic because it was flagged “off-topic”. Being more specific when you post in a thread will avoid this type of confusion in the future. Thanks!

I understand Wyze can’t afford to eat the cost of shipping.
But $6 ground shipping seems excessive for a cam.
I’ve bought 3 Wyze cams - all from Amazon - free shipping.
Hope someday Wyze shipping charges are more in line with shipping COSTS.

I’m not a fan of Wyze’s huge shipping costs, but when you buy the cams from Amazon the end price is basically the same as buying directly from Wyze with the shipping cost. However if you purchase multiple cameras in one order from Wyze, then the end price comes out lower than with the same order on Amazon.

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I wish Wyze would include shipping in the price of their products and then have free shipping as they have done with the Wyze Sprinkler.

I can understand not offering free shipping on small orders, but when buying say over $250 (for example), it should be included.

I’m hanging on waiting for a possible free shipping period, otherwise I’ll buy from Amazon soon. You may ask why not buy from Wyze if the end cost is the same between Wyze and Amazon?
Amazon = No hassle returns if there is a problem…I don’t even have to re-pack it, I donate part of my purchase payment via Amazon Smile, I know I’ll get it in 2 days, etc, etc.
Wyze directly = nothing

If you guys don’t start considering this tiered approach, there is seriously no reason to ever buy from you directly.

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This. Amazon has taken over commerce, not sneakily but in plain site. And there are a lot of those etceteras. There is still really no viable competition.

At the very least, sellers like Wyze have to eliminate the thought of shipping fees from the equation. Bundle it in. Yes it’s pretend, but it’s one less hassle and one less point of friction when you reach the shopping cart. (Speaking of which, Wyze’s shopping cart code is still really bad.)

More so, it’s still a selling point to shout “With FREE shipping!” next to every price tag.

It’s not the same price with shipping buying from Amazon. The Amazon price basically has the shipping you’d pay from Wzye built into the price however, the more items you buy in an order from Wyze, then the shipping price per item goes down. So lets say you bought 5 items, the end cost would be lower buying directly from Wyze than from Amazon. Just do the math.

With what I need the price is the same. I’m not going to buy stuff I don’t need to save money on shipping. Your assumption of ‘It’s not the same price’ is incorrect.

Any order more than one item on Wyze, reduces the per item shipping cost. And my assumption isn’t an assumption, it’s math. The “end price” is lower if more than one item is bought directly from Wyze.

Not doubting the math, but keep in mind it’s relative to the purchase. You made an assumption about my purchase (‘It’s not the same price’) since you were answering me directly, and you were wrong. Don’t try to be a know-all without knowing what I was attempting to buy.

So then you just bought one camera, because that is the only way it would be the same price (with shipping).