Free Person Detection From Wyze

They said during the Q&A that they are still working on restricting it to people only.

I assume RTSP won’t work as well with this release?

RSTP is separate and not part of this capability.

OK . I have tested Person Detection on 4 of my cameras I have outside yesterday afternoon and found that it worked great ! . Very Impressed .
Test a night with the same 4 cameras and have mixed results .
Issues : . 2 of my tests the camera did not capture person because a bug went buy and it was detected as motion and it was in the 5 minute cool down period when I walked in frame .
Issue: One of my tests a car headlights had already set the motion recording and again it missed me walking toward the camera due to the 5 minute cool down .

Wyze folks : We need to be able to have “Person Detection” as an option to base the motion recording and cloud storage .

With this option enabled the logic should be :
Motion Sensed - Record video - Memory ? local SD card ? .
Send to video Person Detection AI:
If AI returns - Yes Person then notify Person Detection
Set to “Person Detected”
Send Video to cloud.
5 minute Cool down

If AI returns " Not Person" Detection and the user has this option enabled store video local only . Notify as motion event if user has notification enabled .

At night cameras using Person Detection Notification Only can be easily tricked to not record or notify of a person (Night is where I need this feature the most) .
Just need a good flashlight to shine at camera to start the motion detection and start the recording:
Wait 15 seconds and now there is a 5 minute window a person will not be detected or recorded .

Question : Can I use the Sense PIR sensors as the trigger for motion with Person Detection ???
This would greatly reduce the number of times I would run into this situation .

Update: I left my house to take my daily lunch hour bike ride and the 2 cameras at the front of the house did not capture me as a Person . Yesterday they both captured me and alerted me as Person .

I don’t get what changed from yesterday ? I tested yesterday on my bike with same bright jersey on all 4 outside cameras …
Very inconsistent .
Yea Yea for those who continue to argue the point that these are NOT security Cameras. … Why do people buy " Smart Cameras " ??? It is implied that they are for security . Why have person detection at all if these cameras are not being used for security ???

Return trip I rode on the front porch directly toward the camera and stopped . Didn’t detect me a Person . image

Return trip riding my bike up the driveway - This camera did recognize me as person:

I sent both in as feedback .

Looks like I will have to put the PIR sensors back on these cameras . They work fairly well other than they cannot be adjusted for sensitivity or distance/ range and still have many false detection and notifications …

Wyze let us know when you get this fixed please and the feature can be trusted …


No. Based on the support ticket I opened, and they responded to:

“Currently, the person detection functions as an extension of the motion detection of your camera. Alternately, the triggered videos from your sensors are more of a shortcut with the algorithm to record a clip anytime they are triggered and they are not a part of the motion detection.”

Support person suggested adding this to the" wishless", but I haven’t bothered. No one appeared to be that concerned that the two don’t work together.

I agree. With a camera in a high non-people motion area (changing light, trees, etc), the usefulness of people detection is greatly reduced because the camera is often in the 5-minute cool-down period. People will be missed and the events tab, and cloud storage, will still be cluttered with the non-people events. This greatly reduces the effectiveness of people detection. It would be very nice to have the “option” to exclude non-people events being sent to the cloud and triggering the 5-minute cool down. It would not only increase the usefulness of “people detection”, but it would also reduce the load on Wyze cloud storage servers (not to mention network bandwidth).

So why does the person detection only work for the cloud videos? Since the ai is done locally, it should be able to analyze all motion detected videos, even if it wasn’t in the cool down period. It appears to be mostly useless for me right now, because it hasn’t detected a person for several hours, even though there has been some. Also, the person detection doesn’t even appear to work in some cases, as there is a person in the video, but it’s not detected. I’ll try rebooting the camera to see if that helps.

Oh. Well I don’t mean to sound sarcastic, but if it’s not even fully functional yet, why is there a fuss about it at all? Wonder why they wouldn’t get if fully functional before releasing it? I mean as it stands, I may as well have not even upgraded. I mean it didn’t hurt anything to do so, but it also didn’t add any new functionality at all…at least not in my case, since I’m still receiving notifications regardless of whether or not people were in it. Am I missing something?

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Less than 24 hours and so many negative posts. Relax. It’s a $20 camera. People detection has been out for less than a day. Give them a chance to improve.


There wouldn’t be a fuss if they didn’t make a such a big announcement about the a broken feature and that they were doing their users such a favor by giving it out for free. They could have been realistic about setting exepctations, and said it’s not fully cooked and MAY work one day


Well it’s a little frustrating when people assume that the new notification settings are fully functional only to find out that they’re not. I mean their website says it’s available (meaning functional) now. I screwed around for a couple hours testing things and checking the settings over and over only to have someone say, “They said during the Q&A that they are still working on restricting it to people only.” So I interpret that as them having released a product that doesn’t actually restrict notifications like they say it does. I’m left realizing that I completely wasted 2 hours. I mean I’m stoked that they’re improving, but it just seems like they jumped the gun on this one.

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Yesterday I updated my Cam V2 to, but the Cam said it failed. I checked under device info - it in fac did the update. I read, that in order to activate Person Detection, you have to go to Account/Wyze service/ Person Detection…, but I cannot find WYZE Service. Under Event Recording, detect motion is ON.
I appreciate any help.

Delete the app and reinstall it. Then go to Accounts and you’ll see Wyze Services.

Thank you very much - I appreciate it.
Do I have to re-introduce the camera to the app?

Nope. :slight_smile:

Again, you are very kind. I feel much better.
Wish you well.

I have 3 cams set up for people detection, and all 3 passed just now @100%. On iOS.


You don’t need to delete the app, you just need to upgrade it to v2.4.65 for iOS and v2.4.82 for Android. To see the most recent version in the iOS app store, pull down to refresh the list of apps to be updated.

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My 3 cams all seem to recognize people just fine, but I can’t figure out the benefit of that if I can’t restrict the notifications to people only. Is yours still sending you notifications on ALL motion?

Yes, but you can restrict that by pressing the “Person” filter button at the top of the clip list.