Free Person Detection From Wyze

I really like the Person detection feature and have it installed on all 7 of my cameras. I shared several videos with Wyze using the share link on the People Motion videos. In every case, with one exception, I have seen a person in the video. However, I have seen people in a number of Smart Video alerts that are not recognized as people. It might be good to also provide a share link in these videos so Wyze would get more info on the times the camera is not recognizing people. Thanks for the People recognition, I can now keep my outdoor camera notifications on all the time since there are far less false alarms.

Smart video alerts driven by a sensor are not currently configured to detect people. It has to be a standard camera pixel motion alert.


Person detection whacked out today, worked fine yesterday, It is tagging Cats As people every time ( cams shared with me )and there is nothing at the bottom to share the results On any clips.
If I go back to 1 AM Tap on a clip The whole app just Closes, crashes, this is not the first time that has happened.

Now free Cat detection!!
@WyzeGwendolyn will love it!


Funny. That is what my Mom said. :no_entry_sign::cat2:

See this: Pet/Animal Detection

Hi, I really appreciate the effort. Sincerely fail over 50% person detection’s (3 cams),
My border collie its tagged as person and my daughters stamped as not person mos of the time.
I trust in feedback submission using the app will improve the code in future versions. I submit all I can.

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Oof. We appreciate your help! We’re sorry that the miss ratio is so high in your household. :frowning:

We are still running tests of AI with smart video and sound triggered video.


The Amazon guy just got to my door undetected. I guess I need to overlap my cameras. I see no activity in playback. Did encounter earlier in-person motion.

The 5 min cool down between flagged events plays a huge role for my detections. Trucks,cars and the mailman get flagged as persons on my cam. Then when you include the 5 min cool down between events a lot gets missed like the actual delivery person placing the package right in front of my cam that does not get recorded because of the 5 min cooldown .
Continues recording on your SD card is the only useful aspect of these cams. if something happens hopefully the event recording will narrow down the window of recording you need to review.

That is good news @WyzeShawn !

I may have to return to continuous recording. I thought I would try event recording.

My 2nd and 3rd Wyze cams arrive today. I will use another to cover the doorway in addition to the driveway.

I only detect when something enters my property. I don’t monitor the street or mailbox in my swale. I also don’t monitor cars passing by. As soon as someone crosses my property line, I would like to know.

When it rains, cars reflect in my detection area and alert me. A second camera should help in this aspect as well

Thanks for reminding me about continuous recording.

It would be neat if there was an option to set up Person Detection on your personal computer when using RTSP and that be able to make the cameras send a push notification of the video and time stamp on the local SD. This would alleviate the 5 minute buffer issue as well as allow RTSP users to make use of this feature.

Upon further review…
After using the Wyze cam with the new AI firmware update and set to Person Detection only for a few days, I have both a pro and a con on this feature.
Pro…no more false notifications for every cloud, shadow, bug, rain etc that the camera sees. It will only send notifications when it detects a person. Hurray!
Con…and I’m afraid this is a big one. Even though the settings in the app are set to report Person motion detection only, the camera is still capturing every little movement just as before. It just isn’t reporting or sending a notification about them. This continuation of capturing all motion create a real problem. As everyone probably knows by now, when the camera detects motion, it goes into a 5 minute cool down period where it doesn’t report any motion. I won’t get into the con on that fact in this post.
So what I find happening is that if the camera detects motion of (for example) a bug, and then someone walks up to the camera within the 5 minute cool down period…NOTHING. No notification.
So something as simple as a bug flying buy for a split second or a change in the lighting because of a cloud, or whatever…will negate the benefit of Person Detection if a person happens to approach the camera within the 5 minute cool down. And if it is a windy day, the you can pretty much forget getting any notification of a person approaching.
I had great hopes for this software upgrade, and while it has reduced those annoying false alerts, I find that it has only increased notifications of people approaching by a small amount.
At this point it appears that I am getting maybe 1 out of 3 Person detection because of the inconceivably long cool down period.

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That does not sound good!! Hopefully Wyze will fix this soon!!

I sent in a ticket, but since I had posted here as well about liking the new Person Detection, I thought I’d better update it for everyone.

Person detection isn’t perfect yet, but the thing is, the 5 minute cool down. Has not changed, the 5 minute cool down period didn’t all of a sudden start creating problems for the person detection, whether you have person detection on or off, the 5 minute cool down period Still creates the same kind of problems that it always has.


although the smart detections are not integrated with the person detection AI yet ( it is being looked at) you can lower the cool down to 1 minute using the Wyze sense kit. I use a motion sensor on my front door, and it works great now that we can see a notification thumbnail.

im sure it wont be long before the smart detections are added to the AI scanner abilities and that will make the Wyze system that much much more robust for detection.


I keep getting person deductions notifications on cars and trucks driving down my street.
I set a detection zone so that would not happen but the new AI person detection seems to ignore the zone settings. I agree that the 5 min cam cool down greatly reduces the usefulness and effectiveness of the system.