Free Person Detection From Wyze

Wyze believes that great products shouldn’t come with hefty price tags. We have a new update that provides free person detection for ALL existing v2 and Pan Wyze Cams!

There’s an AMA about the service starting in 1 hour (10 AM PT) at:

See you there!


Really awesome!! Thank you guys so much for y’all tireless work!! Really appreciate it!


Person detection doesn’t seem to work on my two Wyze Cam 2 and one Wyze Cam Pan.

I’m on on the Cam 2 and on the Pan. App is the latest from Play Store.

I enabled the person detection and the notifications with the automatic setup.


Maybe the answer you’re looking for is here.


Thanks! I had to enable the global motion detection toggle


Super exited about the person detection! Glad the Wyze team has been working hard to make it happen!

Following the “Enabling Person Detection” link, my app on my Apple Iphone and Samsung phone does not show any “Wyze Service” tab after pressing the “Account tab”.

Do you have today’s version of the app? (v2.4.65 for iOS, v2.4.82 for Android)

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You have to update the app

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I updated and I still do not see “Wyze Service” under Account?


The firmware update alone will not suffice. You must update your app, also. :slight_smile:

This is an amazing feature! I love it, works great. Just a question:
To enable the event recording in case of a person detection I need the “Detects motion” enabled in the Event Recording tab, said that how can I reduce the motion detection event recording to only if person?

I really don’t need to record any motion but just person.


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  1. Make sure motion detection is turned on in Camera Settings > Event Recording


Hi HDRock,
yeah, I figured it out in the faq. But my question now is how can I reduce the motion detection event recording to only if person?

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You can’t limit the recordings right now (from Quick Tips):

The person detection algorithm runs only on videos captured after a motion event has been triggered. Person detection is not running on the camera live stream, so without a motion trigger the algorithm will not run, and therefore you will not receive a person notification.

Person Detection is a filter for Motion Detection Event Videos. This means that, at this time, all Events where a person is detected are subject to the 12-second recording length as well as the 5-minute Event cooldown.

Does the person detection affect the event recording cool down time?
No, there will still be a 5-minute cooldown between event videos of the same type. If a person is in the camera’s field of view during the 5-minute cooldown it will not be detected.

I’m guessing the reason is because the on device AI algorithm takes some CPU time to process the recorded clip to look for a person and that the person detection can’t be done in real-time on the device right now.


thanks for keeping this feature free. Been worrying if soon things will become a “user pays” scenario.


Wow nice. You guys rock!!!

This feature has been working like a champ!! Love the ability to toggle only person alerts as well! Keep up the great work Wyze

Good job guys! I missed the live AMA but just watched the video. I want a t-shirt!