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Not in this case; that screenshot is of since you’re using your oAuth2 provider for forum authentication.

Our (Discourse’s) social login buttons look like:

Yes, but not all. Even after being directed to sign in with Google, he didn’t see how.

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Here the label is too low and covers the custom field;

I’ll ask the team to check if this is a theme problem or on our side.

@supermathie I can replicate this on iOS and I will report it.

BTW, assuming your dad has a Wyze account that he uses to log into the Wyze app, he should be able to use the same credentials to log into the forum.



This misalignment has been fixed on mobile


You can make the topic creation be a seach. There is no need to tell us to search, just do a search on the topic creation, and then force us to scroll thru search results before entering the rest of the bug/request.

bugzilla did this.

Aaron, Thanks for your comment on wishlist search. The forum platform already does pop up suggested matches when you start entering a new topic. But the majority of submitters ignore that and unfortunately, with this forum platform, we have no way to force users to read the suggestions. (We’ve tried.)

With a majority of submitters not searching first, it takes a huge amount of time for our volunteer moderators to approve and merge requests that could have been avoided had the submitter done a very simple search for their issue. (I understand you’re not one of them.) That is why we have the (possibly overly) prominent reminder to search before submitting.


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Links to the Wishlist in the app and easy to find

Simply put, I wish the wishlist were easier to find. It took me 20 minutes including a chat with “Support” for 15 minutes just to get this wishlist link. Can that be made easier? Can it be easier to navigate this wishlist and “How to use?” I saw very low vote numbers which indicate this forum is not heavily used, not widely known, not easily found. Help us help you.

If you click on the “Forum” drop-down on the upper left you should be able to access the wishlist and any other categories. Also, I believe it’s linked on the home page of this forum.

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I have a suggestion to simplify the forum search. Rather than having it initially show a limited set of results in a dropdown box, I would prefer it to immediately open the full search results page, such as it now does only when you click the “More…” link at the bottom of the dropdown box.

This afternoon when I noticed the Events tab wasn’t working right in my phone’s app, I did a forum search on “Events not working”, or something like that. The most recent post I saw was the “All events have vanished” post from 4 days ago, which only indicated one user with a similar problem.

I finally thought to check the Wyze Service Status page. There, I found the news about the Events tab having been temporarily disabled on purpose.

I came back to the forum and clicked the “Wyze News” category and this time found the threads about it right away. I hadn’t gotten those threads in my search results because the default sort order was by “relevance”, not “latest post”. The search dropdown box doesn’t even mention a sort order. You have to know you first need to click the “More…” link, and then on the next page that you can change the sort order to “Latest Post” or whatever you prefer.

The initial search results dropdown box doesn’t seem useful to me. It would be simpler to get the full search results page (along with its “Sort by” dropdown) right away.

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You make some very good points. Unfortunately, the way the forum gives you an initial set of results and a “more” button is baked into the forum platform we use (Discourse). While Discourse does give us a lot of control of settings and parameters, this is not one we have any control over.

We do have an option set to for search to prefer recent posts. This is an override of the default setting.

I agree that defaulting the sort order to Relevance may not be the best. And in fact, we have a forum setting to make the default search order Latest Post. I just made that change on a trial basis and we’ll see how it goes having the search default to Latest Post instead of Relevance.

In any case, I’m glad you finally found what you were looking for.


If you add a member tag (eg @peepeep ) in an edit to an already existing post, will the member tagged be notified?

[Mod Edit]: @Omgitstony

Let’s test…

/Edit. @peepeep hiiii

/Editv2. I guess this is a reply and not a first post though

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I added you to peepeep’s post above. Did you receive a notification?


Yep. The discourse notification mentioned you, but linked to Peeps reply.





Lol, thanks guys!


@Omgitstony @Seapup


Got it