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That’s a good question. I can’t find it either.

@CaptainMark – I see that Watched Topics is a clickable link under Summary and Activity on the User Profile page on other Discourse sites, so I think it’s something we need to enable in Admin.

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Good deal, thanks for following up. :+1:

I think this is a customization that we need to build, I didn’t find it in the admin settings.


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Does the sort by votes in the Roadmap category seem to not work for anyone else?

@CaptainMark I agree. Clicking on the VOTES header at the top of Roadmap doesn’t sort by votes. I’m not seeing anyway to sort Roadmap strictly by votes. Can we get this fixed or modified in some way to allow sorting by votes?

We need to custom build plugin to sort by vote, it’s on the list and I’m discussing with the web team. Also planning to create a view to group this by stage easily.

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By this do you mean by the tags such as “maybe-later”, “researching”, etc? If so, we can easily use the tag filter at the top of Roadmap to filter for only certain tags. Are you thinking something more extensive?

No just something that looks nice, like a dashboard, also sorted by votes

Maybe I’m missing something but I see Announcements From the Wyze team on Facebook , That are missing from the forum .:thinking:
I have turned off notifications from Core users , I’m not going to try and keep up with that anymore ,to many notifications: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Can you post a screenshot of specific examples?

@prjct92eh2 This has been fixed. There was a bug on sorting. Also looking into using this as a default view. Roadmap - Wyze Forum

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I don’t see anything here on the forum about this .

[Li Tan

Hey, folks!

We have more information about this. Thank you all for your patience!

Based on the investigation with the supplier engineering team and the USB cable manufacturer, a small number of Micro USB cable connectors had defective pins, resulting in loose and inconsistent contact with the pins of the USB port in the unit. When this occurs, the electronic resistance of the connector increases and so does the current going through the connector. As a result, excessive thermal energy is generated through the pins with the heat conducted onto the connector case and the USB port, potentially causing noticeable signs of browning and case material deformation.

As of 12/03/2018, 8 total Wyze Cam v1 and Wyze Cam v2 units were reported to have this overheating issue out of 1 million units shipped. Out of these 8 units, one unit was used outdoors with a non-Wyze provided cable. The effective defect rate is 7 cables per 1 million units (vs. 3.4 parts per million units for 6σ quality standards). We do believe these are isolated cases and that vast majority of the units on the field do not have this problem.

The manufacturer has implemented the following measures to address this issue:

  1. Notified the Micro USB connector manufacturer and is working with them to investigate improvement opportunities to reduce the pin defect rate.

  2. Added a 500v high voltage test to ensure the electronic resistance of the cable connector is in spec and that the cable is properly isolated (no electric shock hazard).

Other things you should know:

  1. The cable and Wyze Cam materials are flame retardant, so there will be no fire hazard in the event of overheating.

  2. There is a self-test method. You can verify the integrity of the cable yourself by plugging the Micro USB cable into the unit firmly and keeping the unit on. If the cable connects securely (no wiggling), there should be no potential overheating concern.

  3. Please make sure to use the original Wyze Micro USB cable and power adapter as we cannot guarantee the QC of other cables.

  4. Please restrict the use of Wyze Cam v2 strictly indoors.

We will continue to monitor this situation and will report back if we receive more information. If you perform the self-test and find that your power cable isn’t seating correctly, please let us know immediately so that we can report it to the manufacturer and replace your cable.

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How do you set the default view

It’s not available yet. Requires some developer customization

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I’m actually about to make a post about that. :slight_smile:

We needed to figure out how to approach this situation when bringing it up in areas that haven’t reported it as an issue but we wanted the people that had been impacted by the problem to know what we found as soon as we could.


Thanks Gwen
I’m just hoping that All important announcements and such will show up on the forum Somewhere , I will go and check from time to time but , I’m not going to try and keep up with all notifications on Facebook

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As someone that keeps up with many of the notifications on Facebook, I DEFINITELY understand where you’re coming from, HDRock!

This one was an important announcement of course but could you tell me more about what you would be looking for out of Wyze News? We’ve been aiming for product launches, deals, changes to the hardware, and hardware issues at this point. I can’t promise that everything you say will end up in Wyze News but I definitely want to take your perspective into consideration! :slight_smile:


Sounds like that list Has it covered pretty well , I’ll think on it some more.
When you say Wyze News, Is this going to be a category on the forum, A sticky on the forum , in the Newsletter Or maybe on the support page ?

It is already a category on the forum: #news