Forum Operations Feedback Thread

I was introduced to Wyze via the purchase of a V3 Camera and two WCO’s in March of 2021.

Upon opening the Wyze App on my iPHone, I saw the “Edit Rules” setting there, front and center in the main screen of the Wyze App, and might of clicked into it to see what it was, and promptly exited it as I did not see any value for me at that time with creating a rule.

Here I am, a year later, with a few more devices… I’ve lost count… but I’ve added more V3’s, more WCO’s, a couple of Pan Cam v2’s, four Wyze Plugs, Six Wyze Color Bulbs, the 1st Gen Video Doorbell, also purchase a Wyze Home Monitoring on sale, simply to get the hub so I could use motion sensors (box came with one, and have purchased two more stand alone sensors), etc.

So… I’ve started to attempt to put together some rules.

I’m I alone in thinking that the Rules are in need of a major reboot? Along with this thread?

I’ve seen wishlist, where there is one basic Wish (My favorite wishlist): Landscape View For Tablets

Landscape for iPads and Android Tablets: this wishlist is fairly straight forward, Users want basically one thing to occur. Landscape in the App for those devices.

Where as this wishlist for “Add More Actions for Wyze Rules”, having the common items of “Wyze Rules” encompasses a plethora of rules that may or may not be related to each other.

Not sure how this wishlist could be better managed, but the ‘shotgun’ effect of the multitude of ideas swirling around in this one thread makes it difficult for me to follow everything here. (that said, I have waded through this wishlist and discovered some great ideas of what to do with rules, while at the same time stepped away from this specific wishlist wondering how in the world any Wyze Employee who might be responsible for implementing and maintaining all of the request that continue to be tossed into this mosh pit of great or not so great ideas.)

Perhaps this is another echo chamber, where great suggestions go to die, much like:

For the Landscape View for Tablets wishlist item… Wyze, when/if, they implement Landscape as requested, they can mark that wish list item off as ‘Implemented’

How is Wyze ever going to move “Add More Actions for Wyze Rules” from “Wishlist Maybe-later” to the “RoadMap”, Will each individual wish in this wishlist be plucked out of here and move into the RoadMap individually?

Something needs to change, IMO, on how this wishlist item is managed.

Or, would it be wrong to say this is a true echo chamber?


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