Forum Operations Feedback Thread

I see value in the proposed categorization of wishlist items, though I think tags can accomplish most of this when people learn how to leverage the more advanced search options. I’ll explain how I have been accomplishing doing what is requested:

  1. Click the search icon
  2. Click Options
  3. Under Advanced Search, in Categories, select “Wishlist”
  4. Under “Tagged” select the product you are interested in
  5. Click “Sort By” and change it to your preference (ie: most votes)

It will now include every wishlist item related to that tag/product in order of most voted for to least.

If the results are incomplete, then it is because the submissions weren’t tagged. To accomplish this request, it would just take convincing people to use tags “future products” or whatever else when they submit wishlist items.

I do agree that it is nice to be able to organize items this way. I suppose someone could code in a few shortcuts in the wishlist forum that include the most popular products. For example, the following link shows wishlist items related to the
headphones: Search results for 'tags:wyze-headphones-preorder #wishlist order:votes' - Wyze Forum
Or V3: Search results for '#wishlist tags:wyze-cam-v3-preorder order:votes' - Wyze Forum
Home Monitoring system: Search results for '#wishlist tags:home-monitoring-preorder order:votes' - Wyze Forum

All it would take to have better options to view wishlist items as is being requested is better adoption of tagging during user submission and things would work pretty well that way.

I acknowledge the request is to be able to have the above without having to run a search. I was trying to help provide an immediate solution with the way things currently are that wouldn’t require a hundred hours of mods looking through each wishlist item again to code in a new interface and sorting for them all :slight_smile: I do like the organization idea a lot in general though.