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I’m loving the cameras so far. I’m unsure if this was mentioned previously, but a feature request would be the ability to see via an indicator in local SD card playback when a motion was detected (through the playback timeline). It would save some time when going through the continuously recorded footage. Thanks!

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Or a button when you are viewing “continuous” to jump to the next event.

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I would specifically like the feature voting system to be handled through the app.

You’re building a really cool integrated service there with the store, etc. It’s a shame we have to come to the website to get involved in the community.

The forum is available through the app under, “Account”, then “Help & Feedback”.

It is indeed, but that’s not an integrated experience. Thank you!

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Unless I am missing it somewhere I don’t see a description in the wyze cam users guide of how the V 2 Audio Works.
There is a description of how the Cam pan audio works

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You are correct, @HDRock. I’ll let Wyze know. :slight_smile:


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Do you guys plan on making a camera with a higher frame per second rate?

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It seems as though Wyze has been doing a decent job of this , But I would like to reiterate What I Have indicated before on this forum .
I suggest you refrain from Using acronyms While communicating with Your consumer base.
Using acronyms is confusing and annoying to readers and in business in general

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I’ve noticed some folks’ email addies displaying on their profiles - and when I receive by email their posts on topics I’m tracking.


I’ll include in a flag the screennames of two I’ve noticed recently.


This forum is NOT an improvement - Guess I’m old school but all the embedded windows that scroll unless you are at the side of the main window - BAD. Getting to the end or start of a thread - NO easy way, its scroll, scroll, and scroll.
The whole layout is almost like its made for a child - create a REAL forum :slight_smile:

This type of layout in these examples

Thank you for your feedback. As a quick check, did you know that you can click and drag in the bar with the post count on the right side? This is a faster way to get to the ends of threads than scrolling.

Yes - I know you can drag the bar but on long threads the the bar will not go to the last post - it refill the bar distance. I think that one problem for me is that I consider forums a place for information - these are trying too hard to be cute. Yes I am am old guy - more about function NOT form. I also find the forum lacks an easy understood flow - post in threads seem to be all over the place and not controlled very well to stay on subject.
BUT if everyone else like it, Great - its my problem

Don’t get me wrong - I love you products - probably been responsible for close to 100 units being bought by people I talk to.

Waiting on bulbs to be shipped - doorbell to be developed - and PC application to be coded.

You may want to check out our subreddit at /r/wyzecam. That may be a community that resonates a bit more with you and what you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that you aren’t enjoying the forum experience but we’re glad you are loving our products.


I will have a look - Thanks

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You’re welcome! Each community of ours has a different culture and format. We’ve found that people often have a particular favorite that resonates with them. I hope that the subreddit is more to your taste.

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Hi I have a question for you guys how come you won’t ship to your closest best neighbours in Canada here, I keep having to drive down to the border to pick up my orders, which shows you how dedicated I am to your product which I love price wise and quality wise. Also can you please let us know what you guys are working on in the future would be great to have something to look forward to

Wondering why it’s not set up like every other forum where you can back out of the current subforum by clicking a link at the top of the page like 99% of forums online? When trying to get back to the forum list of topics after reading a topic, it takes an act of congress. You can’t just click the link and go directly there. If I post a reply, I want to be able to click a link and go to the subforum instead of having to attempt to back out of where I am, while backing through the reply I just made, etc… Why not just have those links available to click or at least a dropdown menu of the subforum list? I’ve posted an example below showing the “Forum Index - Technical - Engine Tech” navigation links I’m referring to.

See how they have links for the Forum Index, the sub forum, etc…at the top of the page? Why doesn’t the Wyze forum have something like that, like every other forum online, to make navigation simpler? It sucks having to try to navigate through this place without it.


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@Jamesbond, we appreciate your dedication and apologize for the inconvenience! We actually are working on Canadian shipping right now and plan to have it out by the end of summer. We didn’t have that ready to go yet because there’s a lot that needs to be lined up before a company can open up international shipping and we hadn’t been ready for it yet. We’re looking forward to finally making it to our wonderful Northern Neighbors! :blush:

@blazer0981, while the format looks a bit different, you can click on the subforum name to navigate to its page. As an example, clicking on “Ask the Community” under the topic name will bring you back to that page. Clicking on “Community” in the top bar brings you to the forum homepage but you can also use the dropdown menu to navigate between subforums. Did that help?