Forum Operations Feedback Thread

I really know nothing about Android, but if I understand, the Web App is simply a home screen link that should open the target URL in Chrome. If that’s correct, this sounds more like an Android issue than the forum. Can you try making a web app for another forum and see if it works. You might also try meta.

Have you rebooted your phone. That can fix a multitude of problems. Could also be one of those things that you just have to wait a couple days for it to fix itself.

Beyond that, hopefully someone with much more knowledge of Android will chime in.


I am currently using the Android web app for the forum and it is working well.

You are correct in your understanding. It is pretty much just a shortcut that loads a special Chrome tab dedicated to the Wyze forum. You can’t manually change to a different website because there is nowhere to enter a url, but you can click on links to go anywhere else on the web still. It’s still chrome, just slightly more limited as dedicated to just the forum here.

@towelkingdom since it’s still working for me, maybe try to restart your phone? Or consider clearing the cache? I’m not sure what else, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem on the forum side.


I restarted it and had the same issue this morning, and now I just checked and it’s working again. I don’t know. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I did not have the issue with my Tablo web app (also uses discourse), so that’s why I thought I’d come here just to see.

I’m gonna go with glitch in the matrix. :joy: :joy:


It happens, glad it’s just a temporary glitch and not an ongoing problem.


And it’s doing it again. I don’t know what’s going on. The Tablo forum (discourse) web app isn’t behaving this way.

And what’s even weirder is that if I open the forum in a web browser and the go to settings and click to open the page in the web app it loads just fine.

I’m low key frustrated. I’ve cleared cache, un-installed and reinstalled the web app, restarted my phone.

Any other ideas?


So, turns out in my preferences there’s an option to change the page the web app opens to. It was set to categories. I changed it to latest and now I’m not having the issue with my web app.

So if anyone else is having this issue, change the start page in preferences to anything but categories. I think that’s what is broken.


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I’ve noticed a few places on the new forum where I get an error when trying to load a section. For example:
“Forum–>Wishlist” is giving an “Oops. The software powering this discussion forum encountered an unexpected problem.” error
“Forum–>Roadmap” is giving an “Oops… doesn’t exist or private” error (is it really private?)

I saw this in other places, as well, but I would have to go back and retrace my steps. I believe I was looking at options under my personal profile at the moment.

Are you accessing the forum via a web app on Android? If that’s the case, accessing the forum that way is known to have issues. Your best bet would be to bookmark directly in Chrome and access the forum that way.


Update.: It took Discourse a while because it was more complicated than they thought. but they think they have the issue with the keyboard obscuring the Quick Edit frame fixed. Here’s their confirmation recording:


I was accessing the forum directly thru Chrome
(at on an Android phone. I will try on my laptop to see if the same issues exist there.

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It appears to be a good fix! All working on my end!

Thank you!


Looks good to me too under Android 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12. :+1:


The limit of only 3 comments on a topic is really irritating. Just when the conversation gets started you’re blocked from chatting. Fix this!

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Sorry, but this is in place to protect us from spambots slamming the forum with multiple posts. It’s not something we’re likely to change.

If the reason you want to make multiple posts in a row is to reply to more than three earlier posts in a thread, I’d suggest you use the multi-quote feature. To do this, select some text in an earlier post and then hit the Quote button. That text will be placed into your draft message, underneath which you can type your reply. Then repeat the process and subsequent quotes will be placed in sequence in your single reply draft.


If a member quits and rejoins will he be remembered?

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Ooohhh, quits the FORUM… When you said, …remembered, I was thinking as in memoriam.


If by quit, you mean that they request that their forum account be deleted, then no, their profile, posts, etc are not remembered. If they rejoin, they do so as a brand new user.


Thanks, @Loki. And if I remember correctly, a member and Wyze co-own a member’s posted activity, so quitting won’t expunge one’s past presence from the Forum.


Remember me to Herald Square… :notes: :slight_smile:



Not exactly. There’s a limit of number of posts and/or age where we can’t delete all of user’s posts. But we can always anonymize the user, so their name and username become random character strings, their user profile reset to default, and their email removed. None if the actions discussed are reversible.