Forum is not Accessible with Android Beta App 2.4.51

I usually access the Forum through a desktop PC. Lately I tried to use the Forum with the Android Beta App 2.4.51 and each time I get an error screen “Webpage not available” referencing the page at So, I am unable to access the Forum with the Android Beta App 2.4.51

I had the same experience early this morning after I tried to access the forum through my Wyze app like I normally do. I got the same results you did ( not available. I’m using Android Wyze app v2.3.69. However, this only lasted for about an hour. I tried later and the forum started working agian. Don’t know what caused this. I thought maybe it was down for maintenance or something.

Just worked for me
/edit - though it’s a pain, and I’m adding this edit from my laptop. The reply above was from my Amazon Fire.