Forum Feedback Thread!

I suspect guidelines are being broken due to huge frustration with Wyze. Can I suggest we set up a User Group that pulls the top 3 user requirements each quarter, passes it to the Wyze User Group interface who reviews and passes to Development?

At least some of our burning needs might get addressed, but more importantly it could act as a 2 way communication channel, so we here back on your issues - so we hear about your workload and priorities (without giving anything away about proprietary stuff).

A lot of long time users feel we never get any useful input or feedback. The Mavens seem not to have any information either.

Finally, if nothing else, can you make sure the top 3 user requirements make it to the list and get scheduled? Can we get updates on WebView? Will it ever get out of Beta, are any of the massive user complaints going to get addressed?

This is basic customer service and civility. Hire an intern.

Les Short

Just FYI… This forum is primarily a user-to-user community. Forum Moderators and Forum Mavens are not Wyze employees. We are fellow Wyze users who volunteer our time to answer questions and help keep this forum running smoothly. Wyze employees are identified via “Wyze Team” or “Wyze Employee” following their forum user name.

I moved your post to the appropriate forum area where questions or suggestions about the operation of the forum gain better visibility to Wyze.


Also note, there is a Fix-It-Fridays call. Wyze will announce the Fix-It-Friday and that is when you can add items that need to be fixed, other community members will vote on it as well and then the top items are added to the list which Wyze will work on and report back.

Here is a Link to the one for May 6th:


Fix-It-Fridays is for bugs, not new requirements (wishlist topics).

Correct :slight_smile: , which is why I said fixed.

Just wanted to make sure they were aware of additional methods to get Bugs fixed.


General UI feedback from middle-aged mom. Please redirect me if I’m re-posting existing feedback. I have some constructive criticism: I need a site map, y’all! :sweat_smile:

I can’t make heads or tails of the categories. They say one thing, but all the content is support related in every category. Too much advice that’s outdated, which makes the default sort starting in the ancient past annoying.

More specifically, I want to see the Road Map. I see either tips and tricks (aka a solved problem) or complaints (aka Debbie Downer wish list submissions) in the road map category. Discobot must be slacking. To be fair, I’m only familiar with the Microsoft Road Map, so I might have a more rigid point of view, But the rampant topic confusion is honestly a big turn off. “Why can’t I…” vs “It would be really cool if” vs “Why did the thing drop down to Research?” Support, Wishlist, Road Map.

I think I just want visualizations, infographics, etc. Show me how the forum is organized; plot the roadmap on a cheesy road; etc. Oh! Bonus! It would enable to users to assist with moderation, as well. Or I’m just too old to understand how this Forum works :person_shrugging:


Hi Aquanovus8,

Thanks for joining the forum. This forum (hosted by Discourse) operates a bit differently than many you may have used, so it may take a bit of getting used to. I’m way older than you, but somehow I’ve figured it out. :slight_smile: You can too!

Have you clicked the hamburger menu image at the top right? That’s pretty much your site map to the forum. If you don’t want to see older posts, I’d suggest starting with the Latest link there. From that page, you can click the New or Unread links. The Top link may also be useful to you; it lists the most popular topics by date range.

From the hamburger menu, you can also go directly to a category. Most categories are organized by product group. Within these categories, any topic related to a product in the group is allowed. These may be complaints, features, support issues, etc. However, keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user-to-user community and not Wyze’s official support channel which can be found here.

I see you have found the user preferences area and customized your avatar, etc. If you haven’t, make sure you visit the Notifications areas in preferences. This can help you get notifications for just the content you are interested in.

The #tips-and-tricks, #captured-on-wyze, #wishlist, and #roadmap categories are different. #tips-and-tricks is just that: topics created by users to pass along ideas and solutions. #captured-on-wyze contains fun videos users have captured on their Wyze cameras. #wishlist contains user suggestions for product improvements or new products. Finally, #roadmap contains those #wishlist ideas that have moved on to being actively developed.

It may be helpful to read through How to Use the Wishlist and How to Read the Roadmap for further information. Other than what’s contained in the #roadmap, Wyze does not generally provide any more detail into product or feature development plans.

The @Mods here on the forum are fellow users and volunteers who try to keep the forum organized and in compliance with the Community Guidelines. If you see topics or posts that seem out of place, you can help us out by using the forum flag feature to call our attention to those posts/topics. Pro tip: If you use the Something Else option when flagging, you can provide details about exactly why you are flagging.

Hopefully this info is helpful. And again, welcome to the forum.


Do you have a recommendation for how to contact Wyze Management? Clearly not the forum, but does Wyze have some generic email we can use?

There is no direct one on one channel for communicating with Wyze management. With millions and millions of customers, consider how that could work.

Here’s Wyze’s contact page: Contact Us – Wyze. There is a phone number listed on there. I have no idea if you’d have any luck with that. If you are having an issue with a product or service, you should contact support. If that doesn’t resolve your issue, we can ask Wyze to escalate the case.

Another suggestion is to watch the #news category here on the forum for events with Wyze management. For example, there was a recent AMA event with the VP of Product Development. These events are announced in #news. Pro tip: you can set your forum preferences to Watch First Post so you will be notified of all new topics that pop up in the #news category.


Thanks. I did use the Contact email, but support got in the middle of it asking for App logs :joy:. I found another way to reach out, but I think a generic emails might be good idea. Lots of companies do this, or provide a way to reach out through marketing.

I wasn’t aware of AMA(?) as I’m not a Reddit user. Seems to be mostly geek stuff, but there was some general info that was helpful - I’ll try to leverage this in future.



Not sure if this is possible with Discourse, but if there was a way to opt into groups for each device you own, then people could ping that group to get support.

Maybe this should be restricted to regulars or something so it’s not abused, but for example when I’m reading through posts, but I don’t have a thermostat and am unable to assist someone, I can mention @thermostat, so anyone in that group can come assist.

Just an idea :slight_smile:

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Hi @IEatBeans

This is handled in the forum by the use of tags. We have set up tags for each Wyze product and service. Here is the list of tags. Topics can be tagged with one or more product or service. When you go the the latest view of the forum, you can use the pulldown menu image
to limit the display to an individual tag. You can also set your personal notification settings to watch, track, watch first post or mute specific tags of interest:


EDIT : false alarm I guess restarted computer and Chrome is all good .
Oh , Maybe not false alarm doesn’t look right on the phone with Chrome

Something is messed up here

this picture from Chrome browser.

This picture from edge browser still not right

A Garage Door Controller Category

No one asked me. But if I was in charge or had the permissions, I would create a new category for the GDC. It certainly earns quite a large number of threads and posts daily. Would be nice to see e-v-e-r-y thing in one place. I think it would save a lot of people reinventing the same questions. :slight_smile:

I moved your topic to Forum Feedback as your suggestion is related to forum layout/operation and the change requires visibility to Wyze staff and admins.

In the meantime… Garage Door Controller is a Cam v3 accessory like Lamp Socket, Floodlight, etc., and consolidated in the Cameras category. You can use forum tags or forum search to find relevant topics and posts.


As Seapup said, if you run a search using the #garage-door-controller tag, it will work the same way to where you only see threads related to that product as though it is it’s own category. That’s what I do when I am looking to narrow things down to something more direct than a broad category.

I also use the tags to get alerts about specific products, or mute threads about the few things I don’t care or don’t know much about.

The only downside I’ve found with the tags is that they can only be used within certain categories (at least to be attributed to the whole thread within the category). For example, there was a post recently where I was trying to compare the #climate-sensor to the #room-sensor and I couldn’t tag the thread as both since they were in 2 different categories. I had to just choose one, even though I was comparing both of them. Besides that limitation, the tags work really well, and we can always add the tags within the post itself (like I just did here), so it works out okay anyway.

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Thanks for your help guys. But I am not well enough versed here to know to do that. I put but the barest requirement in those tags. If I can’t see the topic, I don’t open it.

I wasn’t doing this for myself. I was doing it for those hundreds that are “posting for the first time” and doesn’t know anything about how to find stuff. I almost never look in the categories anyway. And the only one, I browse is “Tips” Its fun. And I don’t think most people stray off the regular path like I do.

I always use the Hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines next to your user icon), then “Latest”. It doesn’t care where anyone posted. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the input. I hope the tips others have provided help. The forum categories are organized to mirror the classifications of products on Wyze website. I don’t see us creating separate categories for individual products.

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" I don’t see us creating separate categories for individual products."

Thank you for the explanation, but since its out there, I don’t see why that is better than individual products. Did a survey and results were that was what forum users wanted?