Forum Feedback Thread!

This Discourse Forum software is dope.

In the three years I’ve been pressing it here it’s performed without hiccup and ‘shortcomings’ become ‘new features’ in short order.

Credit where due. :+1:

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Can you share with me an example of a shortcoming becoming a new feature?

When a poll in one topic was linked in another, it wasn’t ‘live’ - ie, you couldn’t vote in it and it didn’t update results. :slight_smile:

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I’d like to understand the lack of input from Wyze here on the forum. They seem to have plenty of time for social media but do not spend much of any time here. This seems to be very active and, at the moment, quite a few unhappy campers.


The forum has always been primarily a user-to-user community. Other platforms are the same. From my perspective, direct participation by Wyze employees on other platforms (Facebook, Reddit, etc) are about the same as here.

The only official method to contact a Wyze employee is through Customer Support (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT.


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At the company I work for (vertical market software), we provide several ways for customers to make suggestions that we take very seriously. We have a voting platform that allows users to vote on the changes. We are always working on the highest rated wants/needs of the customer.

If the forums aren’t the place for this, and support is only for troubleshooting, how do you suggest we get this information to you? Wyze customers have some great ideas but there doesn’t seem to be a way to get them to you.

The #wishlist does that. Things get moved from the wishlist to the in development pretty frequently.


Awesome. Thanks!

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Forum Feature Capability Question: Is there a way within my forum profile settings or summary to view all the forum topics I am either Watching, Tracking, or Muted so that I can change them if I wanted to? For example, I can see a list of Latest Topics, Unread Topics, or New Topics… is there anywhere I can see a list of my Watched Topics, Tracking Topics, or Muted Topics?



Great question! The answer is (mostly) yes.

Click the search icon (magnifying glass), then click the image symbol at the right end of the search box to bring up Advanced search. If you already have a search open, click Advanced Filters that appears just under the search box.

Next click the popup menu labeled “Any” in the lower left corner. You will see options for “I’m watching” and “I’m tracking”. Choose one of those and leave all other fields and options blank/default and you will get a list of Watched or Tracked topics.

Shortcut: You may notice that when you select “I’m watching”, it puts “in:watching” in the search box. You can just type “in:watching” or “in:tracking” in the search box directly to speed this up.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to similarly display only Muted topics at this time. I’m looking into that.


After a bit more investigation, found you can use this URL to pull up Muted topics:

You can substitute “watched” or “tracking” for “muted” in that URL to get Watched and Tracked topics.

And, there are handy buttons for these URLs, but not in an obvious place. If you go to Preferences > Notifications > Categories, you will see just above the righthand end of category entry box for Watched, Tracked and Muted a link/button labeled “Show”. These will bring up the appropriate URL. Example:



Thanks @Loki! Absolutely what I was looking for!


How do i access a direct connection to a WYZE staff member about an account issue that needs to be dealt with. Why do businesses like yours make it so difficult to be able to contact account staff directly???

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For starters, why isn’t there a direct contact area on your website providing this information?

Why should I have to create a “support ticket” to deal with a question that I have related to an account issue?

Why don’t you at least have an “800” number if one has to call to deal with an issue?

The above issues are[ so typical with any company in today’s world that gets bigger. They go out of their way to make any personal access to staff as difficult as possible.

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This forum is primarily a user-to-user community. Forum Moderators and Forum Mavens are not Wyze employees. We are fellow Wyze users who volunteer our time to answer technical questions and help keep this forum running smoothly. Wyze employees are identified via “Wyze Team” or “Wyze Employee” following their forum user name. Wyze employees do not actively monitor this forum. If you wish to speak to a Wyze employee/representative, please contact them directly by calling the Customer Support number listed on the Contact Us page. The standard contact info link is located on all pages in the footer:


A toll-free number is listed at the bottom of the Contact Us page.


Not sure if this already exists, idk how to search the 840 posts in this thread…

When creating a wishlist post, it should automatically receive the creators vote. Not sure if this is possible, or if it would be a suggestion to Discorse.