Forum Feedback Thread!

This is currently in the “researching” phase. Take a look at the #wishlist item for it:

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This has now been deployed to the Wyze forum. Click your avatar, then the person icon and you will see the DND option.

In case anyone’s not sure what that means: How to Use the Wishlist


That’s great!! Thanks.

Well for starters you could be honest with everyone regarding why you’re shutting down everyone’s service tonight and how long they will be down.

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Going to be a fried possum soon.

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I am new here, my first day, so I could be completely wrong about my suggestions.
Is there not any subsections by product? For example, I have a Band and I want to browse the forum only related to Band. Its kind of like everything is just lumped into one gigantic forum here. Very unorganized.


Welcome to the community @metalboy4, you can sort by products. Go to the tags section of the forum and scroll down to products. Or you can click on this: #wyze-band

Thank you.

Is there not a home page that shows all the community subsections. Much like every other forum from the beggining of the internet?

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If you click on the three lines next to your profile photo in the upper right corner > tags > and here are all the subsections.

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This might be something that goes on the Wishlist, but it’s not a feature or a product.

I only have cameras. No doorbell, no vacuum, no scale, no thermostat, etc, etc, etc. So I’m really not interested in the comments and questions about all the other Wyze products. I wish there was a forum breakout for each Wyze product. Your thoughts?


I think this should be handled through more mandatory tags when creating a new thread. There have never been enough. “Not phone specific” is kind of useless.

A simple multiselect field for “Regarding which Wyze products?” would save everyone a lot of time and Q&A.

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Yep tagging in theory replaces the idea of having a ton of forums, it works when tags get used right and mods can duck in and add them.


Yes this was exactly what I was trying to say. For a user despite any problem I’m having when I enter the forum it’s just simply a grab bag of threads. I see how tags work but mandatory should be at least a start.

As a separate topic, this forum needs Wyze participation. There are so many topics out there that do not have any responses. I have a thread out there for a week with no responses.
That immediately tells me 3 things, firstly Wyze doesn’t care to support their products or make them better.
Or nobody has an answer or knows what the problem or they do and don’t share it. If that is the case then some support personnel should be looking into it.
Or sales are the only importance, they are simply producing a product to sell and are not going to support it.

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Wyze has gone from a specialty provider to something for everyone.
There are some core items that cross all lines (support, shipping) but many things are very specific, camera, vacuum, etc.

There are many of us who wish that we could search the forums by item, It would make it much easier