Forum Feedback Thread!

So what is this forum for - I though it was for feedback about the “Forums” , but it seems to be full of unrelated stuff with no rime or reason.

And yes - this forum system is the worst I have ever had the displeasure to try and use - complete lack of logic.

You are correct. This topic is about feedback on the forum platform, nothing else. We ask that people keep this discussion to that only. They don’t always comply.

Sorry you don’t like the Discourse platform. How long have you been using it. Most people find that once they get used to it, it’s actually much better than many other forum products out there.

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Here are a few things I discovered about navigating directly to the first or last post.

From within a Topic, click either extreme:

From a list of Topics, click the number of Replies…

…to get this pop-up. Click either extreme.


Also, clicking the time notation under Activity takes you directly to the last post:

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Today I was trying to find out what “CMC” means on the thread about the new release. So I hit Ctrl+F to search the page (the thread) for “CMC”. Ctrl+F in a browser is supposed to search on the current web page, just as it does in any other software. But Wyze’s forum hijacks my Ctrl+F key and uses it to activate the search icon for searching across the entire forum. This prevented me from finding the first mention of “CMC” on the page. Now I can only search the whole forum and can’t search within the current thread. THIS IS STUPID! Everybody knows how browsers work. Don’t mess with it. Please give us back our browser functionality.

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If you click the check box below the search bar it will search only the current topic. Not to discount your argument for hijacking ctrl-f, I did not like that at first either.


For me, on the “latest” Chrome, if you click the “hamburger” (three dots aligned vertically) at the upper right of the browser window, then click “Find…” from the menu that appears, you can get the Discourse forum software to MYOB. :wink:


I believe if you are already in search box of the forum, it ignores the Cntl-F. Therefore, if you just hit Cntl-F again, you will be in the browser’s search field. That’s how it’s working for me in Safari.


I was annoyed by that at first, too, but if you press Ctrl+F again, it gives you the expected browser functionality. That’s a feature of Discourse, the forum software they use. It’s not something Wyze built, per se.

There’s actually a good reason for it. The forum software lazy-loads the threads, so that your browser can display the page quicker (This thread, for example, has over 450 posts, but the browser probably only loads 20 of them until you start scrolling up or down. That means if you Ctrl+F as usual, you won’t actually be searching through the whole thread as you might expect. You’ll be searching through whichever 20 posts are currently loaded. The built-in search function, however, can search the whole thread.

Now that I’m used to it, I actually prefer this. But yeah, if you want to use the actual browser search, just hit Ctrl+F again.


Thanks @nerdland. That was a better and more complete explanation than mine!


Thanks, all. That’s good to know. It’s not as good as having the same behavior across all apps and web pages, but if I invest enough in this forum I’ll learn to tolerate it.

And I understand about the lazy loading. Prior to hitting ctrl+f I scrolled through the whole thing so it would all be there. There is value in being able to access their search, but that access just should not be tied to my ctrl+f key.

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A small floating green word balloon indicating “Reply to this topic” would be more intuitive. I had to scroll through 457 comments in this post alone to get to the bottom of the page before I found the reply button.

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Hi @zeuslgn. When you start reading a topic, it starts you at the timeline in it where you haven’t read yet. If you want to get to end of a thread to reply, there is a timeline bar to the right where you can jump to the end if you click the time/date at the bottom of it. Also, if you click reply in a comment, you are replying to that comment. The reply button at the bottom is how you comment on the thread in general. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


The one exception is that if you Reply to the very first comment in a thread, that will be entered as a reply to the thread in general.


Oops, forgot about that point. Thanks, @Loki.