Forum Feedback Thread!

There should be two “home” pages - one for brand new users and one for those that have logged in several times. I think NEW users would benefit by making the disclaimer “This community is primarily for member interactions. Please go to the official support site for product guides and more help from Wyze.” in big bold flashing print for the first few times a new user logs in. And make “the official support site” a hyperlink. After a few log ins it could go back to present size.
The support link should be moved over to the left side with the “Get the App” under support.

The entire forum needs serious reorganization with the advent of new cameras, sensors, plugs, bulbs, and time machines.

There’s a banner for new and old users that remain there until you hit X, It will be harder to customize the page beyond that welcome banner. For now we can do this.

  1. Remove Tips & Tricks and Important Updates
  2. Create a category that links to Support – This is HDRock’s suggestion. Will it be beside “Ask the Community”?

I like it!

I think the support link should one the top left icon.


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To be able to go back from within the iOS app within the forum instead of back to the my account tab.

Thank you. I searched for the topic but it appears there are a zillion names for the same thing!

I don’t have a preference where you put it , @Loki 's suggestion is fine

Would a small floating support link on every page be possible?

I don’t think it would need to be on every page. It also may make things look a bit more cluttered. Perhaps have it just in the ask-the-community and beta areas?

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Yes, you are right. It would be annoying as well unless you could toggle on or off in the settings for New Users.

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This annoys me, perhaps it is something that can be fixed.

Any time I reply to a thread, it automatically gets switched to “WATCHING” when means I start getting email notifications. I don’t want that. I only want the tracking tag to change if I purposely change it! There may be others that like this, but I hate that every day I have to go through all over this forum and turn off tracking on multiple treads. At the very least, create an option in the preferences that says “When replying to a thread set the TRAcKING to ____________” and let me have the option to “leave it alone”


You can change your preference quickly at the bottom left of the thread. In the rectangular box below the bookmark, tap it to change to the settings. You can change it to either Watching, Tracking, Normal, Muted

yes i know how to do that. i’m very familiar because EVERY single time i reply to a thread, it gets switched to watching

just like now. I switched it to “normal” now i’m replying to your “answer” and it’ll switch to WATCHING, so i’ll have to switch it back to normal again.

Okay, I understand what you are saying now. Maybe one of the mods knows how to change the preference on this. There should be a way to turn it off.

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You can change this in , preferences, notifications , When I post in a topic, set that topic to, click on the box, change it to what you want


I just found it. You can set it to never in the preferences
and you will not get any notifications

edit: I just replied to myself…duh! Lol :rofl:
Like HDRock said.


I turned off the email notifications in the preferences, and I do not receive any emails.

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ok maybe i’m crazy,. but this is new…these setting options were different this morning when i posted this
I now have an option to set topics i reply to as “whatever”


Cool! Glad it is working for you now. :slightly_smiling_face: