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It could be the Chrome browser. I am on a Samsung tablet and it uses chrome and I have never liked the Chrome browser. I have experienced the same thing as HDRock as I stated in my post #275. This could be the culprit causing this behavior.

@StopICU33 @HDRock

Could you please provide me with links to specific posts where this has happened? I can get them over to Discourse so they can check the site logs and see if there’s a bug.

To get a link to a specific post, capture the URL on the time tag at the top right corner of the post.


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If this happens again today, I will capture it and let you know.


I might do that if it happens again

It only noticed it a couple of times, I don’t have a clue where it was now Though.
If it happens again I will get a link For ya

Hey, @Loki, I just tried to reply in the post below directing it to post #1 and it did not work properly again…or else I’m totally losing it.


It seems like when it happened to me I was replying to the last Bottom post in the thread

It would be nice if the reply button would change colors after you have clicked on it like a link in a webpage. That would take all the guessing out of it.

I don’t think it was a problem up until couple days ago

You are right about that. Seems like it just started like you said. It has been working right up until now.

I’m sorry, I’m not getting what you’re trying to say. How does post#1 come into it?

To refresh how it’s supposed to work:

REPLY TO POST: If you click the unboxed reply button that is within the boundaries of a post (even the last one), your post will contain a link to the post being replied to in the upper right corner that looks like this: image . The unboxed reply button looks like one of these, depending on your theme preference, the reply-to-post button looks like one of these: image or image.

If you click the replied to link, it will pop-open that post within your posts boundaries, even if that post is much higher up the page. Within that pop-open, there is an up arrow image that will scroll you up the page to the original location of the post.

REPLY TO TOPIC: If you click the boxed reply button at the very bottom of a topic, you are replying to the topic in general, not to any particular post. That reply button looks like, depending on your them, one of these: image, image or image.

The only way to tell the difference between the two (especially on the last post of the topic) is the presence or absence of the replied-to link eg image in the top right corner of the post.

Sorry if this is all redundant. Just making sure we’re all on the same page.

BTW, our site is customized so you always get the replied-to indicator, even when replying to the post directly above yours. Without the customization, the forum software would normally suppresses it. It could be that the “don’t suppress” setting is failing occasionally so that even though you replied to post, the reply-to link is suppressed. If it happens again, make sure you refresh the page and make sure it’s still wrong.

Also, we’re looking into getting the button labels change to “Reply to Post” and “Reply to Topic”. But unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

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I apologize, Loki. It was late last night when I sent my post to you. I was trying to point out that when I replied to post #1, it replied to the thread not to the person. I used the reply button “A” not reply button “C”. But it didn’t show up in the right corner of my post like it usually does.

@StopICU33… You have 9 posts in this topic. Every one of them shows (now) as a reply to a post and none of them are more than 3 days old.

That said, I should point out that when you reply to the first post of a topic, you are replying to topic (because a topic is defined by its first post). Therefore, you will never get the replied-to link/indicator when you reply to the first post of a topic, no matter which reply button you use.

Perhaps that’s the source of confusion over this issue?

Ok, I understand now. I didn’t realize when responding to the first post of a topic no replied-to link will appear. Thanks, Loki.

@StopICU33 So, that totally resolves the issue for you?

@HDRock How about you? Did you have the problem on replies to other than the first post?

As far as the first post in a topic, yes resolved. However , if I experience this issue replying to any other post I will let you know.

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When it happened to me There were many posts already in the thread It was not the First post I was replying to

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Ok, got it. Next time it happens, please capture the URL of the timestamp so I can send the post to Discourse to analyze.


Because it’s random and who knows when it will happen again, I will have to pay attention :slightly_smiling_face:


@Loki check this out