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A post was merged into an existing topic: Enhanced Shipping Notifications/Method

A post was merged into an existing topic: Enhanced Shipping Notifications/Method

Just a little thing. Windows. Ctrl-I doesn’t work as a toggle for italics. Discourse seems to be designed to enhance text after typing it instead of on the fly.


I’m involved in an important conversation in the pan cam mic extremely quiet forum in where I’m part of the beta testing. However since I’m a new user to the Wyze forums I’m only limited to 3 replies on one thread? I need to provide more feedback to the community on our issue, can a moderator please remove this restriction so I can continue to reply with my findings and information gathered. I don’t know how else to reach a moderator so I’m posting this here.

Thank you,

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You can go and post in the original thread about the problem.

if it is directly related to beta then you can post it in the beta Section

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MODERATOR NOTE: Just a reminder to all posting here that this topic is about the Wyze forum software features and any observations, difficulties and comments on using it.

Please post other comments and requests on the existing threads on those subjects or start a new topic in #ask-the-community if you don’t find an existing one.

Several such posts have been merged out of or split off from this thread as a result.



I just found a little issue with the forum I hadn’t noticed before. I wondered why I wasn’t able to see and separate posts by drafts or just my posts or things like that and I just realized the layout of the forum ( at work I’m forced to use Microsoft edge most times) apparently edge scrambles the layout and actually hides those different “filters” on my page.

here is what im talking about.

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Yup, those activity filters (Topics, Replies, Likes, etc) should be in a column to the left of the list. The obvious solution is to use a different browser, but if you are stuck with Edge due to workplace restrictions, that’s a problem. I’ll tag @CaptainMark and @BrandonS so that they can let Discourse know about the drawing problem with Edge.


thank you much sir. its just a small issue, ive been getting around the forum just fine :slight_smile:

just a tiny forum/ browser bug. no biggie. im on chrome right now at home and its quite a lovely layout.


Thanks for tagging us in, Loki! I’ll check with our Discourse team so we can help figure out what is going on and I’ll post back here with updates once we can get that fixed. If you see any more issues or anything else comes up, please tag me in. :slight_smile:


I prefer not to use the Wyze app to navigate the forums on my phone because the Wyze app:

  1. Loses my place in the forums when I view cameras
  2. It loses the draft of a post when I open another app
  3. Phone’s keyboard covers the text box when creating a forum post

Now I can’t even load the Wyze forums in a mobile browser because Wyze’s website seems to force the Wyze app to load after I login to Wyze. How can I prevent this?

1 Like loads fine on my Samsung J3 running Android 7.1.1

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I’m attempting to load with Samsung Note8, Android 8.0.0

I use my PC for the forum But I tested it out for ya and , With the Chrome browser I have no problem Loading the Forum web page On My Android v9.0- Samsung S9+ desk top view also works fine.
Also loads up fine through the wyze app

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Are you using the Wyze app or a mobile browser?

Mobile browser (Chrome). I don’t have a “production” Wyze app, just Beta’s.

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I updated Android (8.0.0) Chrome (75.0.3770.101) and it’s not redirecting to the Wyze app any more.

Updated the Android (8.0.0) Wyze app (v2.4.24) and the drafts are being saved now (#2 above).

The keyboard still covers up the text box when using the Wyze app (not mobile browsers) to reply in the forums. Both the SwiftKey and Samsung keyboards cover it on my Samsung Note8.

One of your big competitors as a forum almost exactly like this (same layout and design, so I assume it open-source). They have a lot of giveaways… just saying :joy:

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