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Could there be a subforum for user recommended hardware that Wyze does not supply?
Like extra short and extra long video cords, tripod mounts, exterior enclosures.

That would probably just be in Ask the Community. We don’t tend to recommend other products that we aren’t involved with.


That’s why I was asking about a subforum.
I asked for short USB cords, Loki posted a reply with some good cords that fit and work well. There are many enclosures being sold, I’m sure some are better than others.
Wyze would need to put a strong disclaimer on the subforum that the products are USER recommended and may not work. And of course we should not be posting products in direct competition with what Wyze sells.
Or is this something better done on Facebook?

Because of the trickiness of explaining that we don’t actually endorse the products contained, we probably won’t make a separate area for that. We’re up for it coming up in conversation but we want to be careful with this. Even with a strong disclaimer, it is likely that some people would miss that and become irate at Wyze if a 3rd party product didn’t work as expected.


Without creating something new I think , tips and tricks, is a good place for Products that work Well with Wyze

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How can I get more sensors sooner? I have used both mine to make a smart doorbell and a water sensor. I have posted them on the forum for others to see. I have plenty more ideas but nothing to work with. I am seriously considering using Wyze to build an new smart house from scratch but I need to test all my ideas. I was going to build everything from scratch using and a custom iOS app I would have to make but I am really liking wyze

You can get more sensors when they are available for purchase

Yeah I was more asking for a release date and to give them a sense of urgency

Any chance that we can customise the nigh vision? It would be nice if we can schedule when it turns on and off.

Hello @GaVeLi, you can vote to be able to set up your own schedule for night vision using this link. Make sure that you click “Vote” at the top of the page so that your vote counts.

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Our release date is coming up but we have some ducks we need to line up before we can do the official launch. Don’t worry! We already feel a sense of urgency about our releases. :slight_smile:

Really like my sensors. Once they were sending notifications regularly, they rocked. Want to order more. Thanks for cool products at great price points!

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Hi, I am new to the community but also and early adopter; I ordered and received the WyzeSense sensors this week. I cannot reply to any posts in the early adopter forum. Is this by design or something else? I am eager to dive in with other EAs to explore the possibilities but feel a little hindered with the inability to reply.

Thank you!

I believe the early adopter forum (actually Early Access) is for posts by Wyze right now. It looks like they set it up quickly and merged some posts from other threads.

@cjwidener, I’ll add you into it! There was a link that you could click from an email we sent you that would give you access. It’s not just for us but we did put some of the Early Access posts from different areas in there. :slight_smile:

How do I send an email
[email removed for privacy] for Google home

You should not post any personal information here, such as your email Address .
You Should delete that now

@winonanash, Could you please clarify what you want to send an email about?