Forum Feedback Thread!

Well thank you for the information! I’ve admistered and moderated many forums before but have never ran across this particular developer. The forums are smooth.

I have told all my friends and family about Wyze.

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Yeah, we’ve been very happy with this forum. It’s versatile and easy to use.

Thank you so much for your support, Demonfire! We appreciate you spreading the word about us. :smiley:


Hi Y’all

Are the links that appear as pictured below selectable - or does the forum software choose them?

Here’s something else I’ve been toying with. Below are two links embedded behind the words “as have” and “others”:

In the first case, I think I asked the right question (as have others) and Wyze never stepped in to officially dispel the confusion by providing an informed answer.

I’d like to make them a little more prominent without disrupting the flow of the post - like with a pop-up preview on mouse-over. Also, as it stands, tallied clicks for the links aren’t displayed and the links don’t appear in the “Popular Links” section at post bottom.

I came up with this using the “hide details” function:

In the first case, I think I asked the right question, as have others


and Wyze never stepped in to officially dispel the confusion by providing an informed answer.


I believe that they appear when people link a specific post but otherwise aren’t selectable.

For your link issue, I would first recommend against using two links right next to each other like that because it isn’t readily apparent that there were two links. Even if you had a preview like you’re thinking it’s still something that may be missed by some.

I’m not really well-versed in the popular links section or what counts as a click (or if any are missing) so I’m sorry to say that’s the end of the help that I can offer right now. But we’ll take the pop-up idea under consideration. :slight_smile:


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As @WyzeGwendolyn indicated, those links are automatically generated by the forum to show you other posts/topics that have linked back to the one you are reading.

Are you aware that if you paste a link on a line by itself, the forum will expand it into a boxed preview? Maybe that is more prominent than what you want.

If you don’t want the boxed preview, you can put each link on a line by itself, but use the link function to give it a text name. This prevents the boxed preview, like this:

Green box for motion tagging, Red box for notifications

Notification zone over top of motion detection zone

without having to use the hide details function.

I believe the popular links display is based on the total number of clicks on that link across the forum, not just that topic.


Interesting, Loki, thanks! (Linked-back tally, good.)

Yeah, I’m familiar with that “onebox” feature, and yeah it seemed too prominent, and yeah the separate line thing was still too prominent for my delicate sensibilities. :slight_smile:

Funny, I think after your having followed the links I had too-close embedded, it DID tally, and that spacing-by-tally is just enough of an attention flag to satisfy me (I can remember when a popsicle on a hot day could do it.) :upside_down_face:

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Clicking on a link opens a new Window, In the past it did not .
Boy am I glad you fixed this .:+1::smiley:

Well , shoot , something is wacked out , When I click on a forum link I get logged out and have to log back in :thinking:

A post was split to a new message: Like alert problem
@Loki When I click this link , I get

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Am I missing something obvious or are these forum posts backwards? Most forums show the newest entries first so it’s easy to follow the latest updates but the only way I can see the latest post on a topic is to scroll through many pages of old posts that I’ve already seen many times.

Hey, jd

One way that works consistently:

If you click on the “time elapsed since last post” number in the Acitivty column (as depicted below) it takes you to the latest post. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip!

@HDRock… That’s because the post was split off to a private message for, well, privacy.


I am new to the community with six cameras and growing. I am stoked by the quality of the cameras. I look forward to new products to be released ESPECIALLY the outdoor cams.


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The // pages intercept the CTRL-F keyboard entry to open the website search dialog, rather than allowing the browser to open its page text search dialog. This happens on Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers. This is actually a bug, not a feature. It’s important to retain the browser’s text search capability on a loaded page, especially on the forum pages.

Side note: this “create a new topic” dialog is confusing or dysfunctional. Under the Category drop-down there is no appropriate category and searching returns no category found, forcing me to pick any category because otherwise I can’t enter text in the body of the message. If I click on the “Create a new Topic” link, it shows an entry box for “Add a user”. What use? I’m already logged in. Does it want my email or want me create a user name? So, anyway, I type in my message and there is no “Submit” button, but a “+CREATE TOPIC”. How is this “create topic” different than the “create topic” at the top? Bottom line, the method to create a topic or submit a message should and can be more streamlined. Thank you.

CONTROL-F… On Mac, if you enter the find keystroke a second time, it invokes the in-browser search. Does that work on your Windows browser?

NEW TOPIC CATEGORY… Wyze has chosen to implement a set of fixed categories for the forum. Any new topics must go into one of those. The “catch all” category is #ask-the-community. There is a pinned forum feedback thread there, and I’ll be merging this topic there when I’m done typing.

ADD USER… I’m not sure what you’re seeing. It sounds like you may be trying to create a Personal Message. That would require the entry of the user to whom you want to send the PM. In any case, could you post a screenshot and weblink to the page where you’re seeing this so we can investigate.