Format SD complete (ship's bell)

I’d like to request that the Format SD Card completed audio sound “tink-tink” be given a toggled choice just like the Camera Status Light.

If using the camera in an outdoor environment this sound has the potential to expose the camera’s whereabouts. An on-off slider for this sound would be a nice feature for the SD card format routine.

Let’s see if I understand. You’re watching a bad guy so you decide that would be a great time to format the uSD card and don’t what it to ding? Really?
Since formatting the uSD card is likely something that you will only do once - right after you installed the camera. If you are worried that the ding would give away the camera, don’t you think that the effort to install the camera might be FAR more noticed by a bad guy who is staking out your place?

You understand just fine. Now move along.