For the WYZE Cat People not a video

Not a Video and I am 100% a DOG person but I was tasked with “Cat sitting” my daughter’s cats on numerous occasions. This is one of my favorite photos I took of her cat Thomas,


That “Double Wide Cat Scratcher” is clearly made for a Double Wide Cat.

Also, there is some sort of cosmically deep Irony in a cat watching a dog cartoon. Perhaps Thomas is more of a Dog cat than a Cat cat?


That is a fluffy kitty, big loaf of fluff

I don’t think I would call it “Fluff”, He weighed 12.5 pounds. :grin: He was large when my daughter got him from the animal shelter and his previous home was the streets of Oakland Ca.


The elephant in the room

Why were you watching Clifford? Was that on the cat’s playlist? :popcorn:

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My daughter said he liked cartoons, I was just there to feed him and of course clean the litter box.