Fog arrives and drives cams crazy

The three V3 cams and the one V3 Pro filled up my events page. I deleted almost all of them, some are long 5 min videos. I am glad it doesn’t snow here.

And of course a regular visitor.


Been there. Some of the swirls make you think the cameras are going into hyper space.


Yes. Get that too. Can’t imagine what snow will do. Will find out soon. Installing 6 cams in Northern Ohio this weekend! Brrrrrrr! :cold_face: :snowflake:

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The worst part is that every few hours, when this is happening, my back porch V3 will give me a false person detection notification. If it happens while I’m sleeping, it wakes me up and makes me mad :rage:

During rain or snow storms I usually turn off the IR illuminators.