Flying Freeloaders

This is not a :raccoon:
Since it was 102 degrees yesterday and today will be close to the same I had to turn off my two WCO critter cams. A flock of sparrows has taken up station at the critter water bowls. The cams are on CP lite with a one minutes cooldown but they record a 12 sec video every other min. all day long of nothing but birds. : :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and the occasional red squirrel. I don’t want to recharge the batteries because of birds. The yellow critter is the first one I have seen at the bowl.


He has good posture between sips, I like the way he stretches up. :slight_smile:

Hey, you’ve got an old clothesline! We, too, but it’s retractable.

Yes that Pole Cloths Line has been in the ground for over twenty years and gets used a minimum 9 months a year. We have a new Electric Dryer for the rainy / no sunshine months but sunshine/wind dried cloths are the best. :upside_down_face:

Birds from 8/6/23

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I thought you like rodents…these are just rodents with feathers/wings

:raccoon: :raccoon: and Possums are people with paws and fur not Rodents :rofl:


That’s an opinion. If it’s windy, you get so much grit in your clothes, and if it’s not, the clothes end up stiff…
No thanks…

Turn that So. Cal Sunshine thermostat down to medium. :grin:

What do you expect? The bowl is on the ground. Put it on a table then the birds can’t get to it.

At least that is what @peepeep would suggest.


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Quiet, or I’ll see that your :gear: lash is adjusted.

Our lead technician:

:woozy_face: image

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