Floodlights get triggered on when viewing live feed of v3

My floodlights will get triggered on by motion when I’m viewing the live feed of the camera

For example , when I view the live feed of the v3 and a cat walks across frame or a car passes by my house it’ll motion tag it and trigger my floodlight but when these types of events happen when I’m not viewing the live feed my floodlight will NOT get triggered on

Very strange behavior , anyone else ?

Similar issue here. My floodlight is suddenly not recognized by the app. Floodlight icon shows on main page for floodlight cam but when depressing light icon - it shows on or off but has NO bearing on the actual light turning on/off. The lights WILL turn on independently when it senses motion. I have NO control of lights.
When i dig deeper to accessories - floodlight it says none detected and “buy” link appears. Video recording as usual but just no lights corresponding with motion or manual control. Running latest beta firmware for the cam and beta android for app.
Support suggested delete/reinstall. Did not work. Same behavior. Anybody else having this issue? Any suggestions?