Floodlight v3 does not detect people when lights turn on and sometimes when lights aren’t on

I’m still having trouble with my wyze floodlight . I’ve noticed that it acts completely different to the other separate v3’s that I have around my house . Basically I’ve noticed that sometimes it will stop recording an event in the middle of it .

For example when i pull up in my driveway at night , the v3 gets triggered by the lights and starts recording and notifies me when I enter the beginning of the driveway . The event will be recorded from the car driving in , all the way into when I park in my driveway about 15 ft away from the camera . My floodlight is 11 ft in the air .

Once I park , the camera stops recording . Even when I park and immediately open the door and step out . What the camera does is once I park , the event stops . And it will not record once I open my door and step out on my driveway and walk across frame . So I’m missing the whole event , it can be really spotty

When i walk across my floodlight at night , and it gets triggered on I’ve noticed that a lot of times the v3 will not motion tag me and won’t record the event at all. So it’s like the event never happened .