Floodlight still experiencing the live feed bug

So my floodlight unit still experiences the bug where when you open the live feed , the floodlights turn on . Even after the update a few month ago that was supposed to address this issue

Anyone else ?

When I am watching the live feed , a lot of times it’ll get triggered on when it rains or even when theirs nothing their

Hi Rulwiz,

In your camera - settings - accessories - Floodlight - Floodlight Control. Is it set to On or Auto?

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May I know your floodlight current firmware version?

1 Like FW version for the floodlight

I shall add some more info , i mislead . The bug that turns on the floodlight automatically when opening the live feed is fixed on my floodlight

But what affects it still is when it’s raining my v3 will motion tag all of the rain droplets and constantly get triggered on . Even when the floodlight is only set to turn on when motions been detected by the pir sensor