Floodlight notifications

I would like a notification for when the floodlights turn on and then turn off

I like to know when the floodlights turned on , to see what triggered it on. Currently I have motion notifications turned on to get a motion notification when the floodlights turn on. So I deal with constant motion notifications all the time.

A notification that just tells you that the floodlight got triggered on would be nice to have so I can know the floodlights been triggered it on. Instead of dealing with constant annoying motion notifications.

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+1 on that!

I am having an issue with the Floodlight Pro’s floodlights activating on “Person” detection from the onboard AI but the server AI never tagged the video uploaded as “Person” so I never get a notification (I have All Other Motion notifications turned off). Would love for this to also be an option on the Floodlight Pro so Wyze could send a Floodlight on\off notification.

I use an Alexa Routine for what you are asking. Not sure if the original Wyze Floodlight has this trigger in Alexa, but the Floodlight Pro does: Trigger: when floodlights turn on or off, Action: Announce on Alexa Device and Send Alexa Push Notification.


It looks like wyze added floodlight notifications.

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and I get notifications whenever it detects motion and triggers on the floodlight pro and whenever it goes back to ambient lighting

Though you don’t actually get like a push notification, but a little pop up on the bottom of the screen. I’m on a Samsung , so not sure about other devices


Is that happening when the app is open or when closed?

It isn’t a push notification though? Just a toast?


Unfortunately I couldn’t tell you , because I have the wyze app locked on my Samsung. I’d have to test it out to see if it’ll send a pop up when the app is closed

I received the pop up on both my lock screen and home screen.

No, I don’t get a push notification. Just the little pop up on the bottom of my screen.


On Android, that is a Toast Message. That is completely different. I didn’t know Wyze was doing Toast Messages for the FLP… :thinking: very interesting.

Toasts overview  |  Android Developers.

Unfortunately, they aren’t persistent and they don’t tone.


I didn’t know what a toast message was , you learn something new everyday :grinning::+1:

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And they came up with the stupidest names for them. “Toast”… Why? The next level up is a “Snackbar”. Why? Idunno.

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